Wednesday, October 19, 2011

150 Words

Well, I am off to the Denver Romance Writers mini-conference this Saturday, with hopes and my learning cap firmly on! I am so looking forward to this, especially since I had such a great time last year, and this time my critique partner is going with me, it should be fun!

Not only will I learn about Query letters, but also I am to pitch my first agent (little nervous) and I have to present my first 150 words of my novel to see if they would capture an agent or publisher. They need to grab you and making you want more, and it needs to be good pressure there.

The thing is, your first chapter is so critical that it will literally drive you crazy! I have re-worked my first chapter so many times that it is now not the same--at all!

When I first began this little venture of writing a novel I had no idea of what it all involved. The hours of writing sure, but not the YEARS of revisions, classes, workshops, conferences, facebook, blogs, well you get it... It takes a lot of effort, nerves, and not to mention, learning!

I am not the computer type for one. I was never raised in front of a keyboard having to learn all the new jargon, fit in with the teens and young adults, and communicate within 140 words! I will easily stress out over what are the simplest things and want to scream!!  I think my husband wanted to lock me up last night!

After all of this I am sure it will be worth it, at least that is what I am told, and I pray my novel is a success. My friends, co-workers, family and even people that barely know me, have been so supportive and very appreciated. I am posting my first 150 words to get my blog followers to let me know what they think. Please be honest (I don't want to look like I write like a kid in junior high) and please comment. I need input and of course, reassurance that I am not doing this all for not...if you get my meaning...

The tremor was so intense it shook the bed chamber, knocking a vase off the side table, sending shattered porcelain, lilies, and water sliding across the polished wood floor. The heavy oak door rattled violently as if something unseen desperately wanted to gain entrance. Combined with a distant war cry, the uproar jolted Carlynn awake, nearly tumbling her from the window seat. She jerked her head this way and that trying to discern the cause of the commotion.
Fear gripped her and she protectively enfolded her arms around her swollen belly. Squinting, she could barely distinguish the prone form of her husband on the bed, three long strides from where she sat. Goose bumps prickled her arms. Light filtered through the window from below, eerily illuminating the landscape. It was followed by a thunderous noise which became deafening as she opened the window outward to get a better view.

Well, there you go...let me know what you think. Love you all and can't wait to hear your views!

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  1. I think that it is attention grabbing! It does however help that I know what is coming but would be interested to see what a new reader thinks of it!