Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween all my family and friends!
Whether it's getting ready to take the kids out for trick or treating tonight, or all the fun parties over this last weekend, I hope it's a joyous one for all of you! My grand kids and Jon carved pumpkins, including Madison doing her own this year, and my daughter has been baking her famous muffins and some cookies too! Plus the decorations are up, so she is ready for the spooky day!

But this is another joyous day in our family, it's my parents wedding anniversary!! Happy memories come flooding back to me on this day! My parents got married in my grandfather's office in 1969. I will never forget it, and yes, I was there! My father adopted my sister and I when we were about 8 and 7 yrs old. He is my mother's second husband. Our birth father (or at least my sister's, I'm adopted to them too) had disappeared, so when my mother remarried, he gave us his name!

Anyway, back to the wedding, it was in my grandfather's office at Central Christian Church, in Lexington Kentucky, and I will never forget my dad saying, "Look I went trick of treating and brought home a wife and two daughters".

They have been married for 42 years now and we had some great times! Unfortunately my father has Dementia and is in a nursing home, but I keep the memories safe in my mind of the wonderful and funny man he was!! He was and is a great man! I do miss the times we had together though! The trips every summer to either visit family back east, or to sight see, or the BBQ's at their house with all the kids, and not to mention the holiday parties, usually at my house. He was always the life of the party!

My Mom used to jump right in and help set up everything. She seemed to love getting together and really enjoyed the kids! I know that she is going through a lot right now, but I have enjoyed the hikes we go on, or trips to see dad,(he's on the other side of Denver) or even going out to breakfast with Sonny Boy in tow.

I just wanted to take a little trip back down memory lane and to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary! I thought sharing this with all of you would bring it all back for me and I hope that today is fun and full of chocolate for all of you!!

Have a wonderful Halloween and I love you Mom and Dad!!

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  1. Thank you for the tears shed on this one. Happy anniversary Grandma and Grandpa. I love you both so much, and Papou... I miss you.