Friday, October 21, 2011

The Holidays

Well, can you believe's almost Halloween?? I don't know about you, but this is my favorite time of year, it's cooler out, the colors of the leaves invite walks in the park, and of course the most important part...chocolate time!

Okay, any time is chocolate time! But that's beside the point, the point is, it's the holidays! My grand kids are getting their costumes all set for the big walk of candy next weekend, my daughter has bought 5 big pumpkins, some for carving, and some for making her wonderful bread and muffins (I can feel the pounds adding on now!) and the decorations are itching to get out and spread out onto the walls and front door, with witches and ghosts, and vampires! I love it, and I love the kids excitement because that's what it's all about to me...the kids!

I have had the privilege to live with my grandchildren for the last year and a half, and sometimes it's great fun! Other times, not so fun, but kids are kids, and the best part is to be a part of their joy when trying on their new costume, or opening a gift, and even getting a new outfit and modeling it for us.

Next it's my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I love this holiday the most because it's not all about gifts that you need to buy, it's about getting together with family and eating the best meal ever! My husband and I have a tradition of cooking for the entire family, and some friends, and we have such a great time! I always look forward to it. Maybe I will post some of our favorite recipes next month, believe me they are tasty too.

And the last holiday, which I love too, Christmas! Now we have a new person that has joined our family and he is Jewish, so we get the honor of celebrating both holiday's, and I am learning about their traditions. Welcome Jon and know that we love you! Okay, back to Christmas. What I love about this holiday are the lights and decorations, and of course, all the delightful sweets. Cookies, breads, chocolate (there goes that sinful word again) and candy. I love getting cozy on the couch with hot chocolate in hand and gazing at the Christmas tree all shiny and yet soft. And then the kids eyes when they see new gifts piling up under the tree and they are so excited that they can't sleep and need to count down the days till they get to open them...what fun!!!

Yes, the holiday's have always been my favorite time of year. I also know that there are those who won't have the joy that our family does during the holidays, so I pray for them and that miracles come their way. Everyone deserves to celebrate the holidays and I want my family and friends this year to reach out and either volunteer to one of our many organizations that help make sure that the less fortunate people find comfort during this time of year, or to at least give money to support their cause.

I know that all of you have big hearts and want to help and I know I can count on everyone to do their part. I work for the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and I pledge to bake goods and help in whatever way I can to gather donations.

What ever it is you decide to do I am sure that it will help. Let me know what your family does and maybe it will give ideas for those who don't know what they could do to help. Leave your comments for others to share in this time of great need. Love you all!

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