Monday, October 24, 2011

I Survived

It's Monday, finally, and I survived a very busy weekend! First the conference, I had a wonderful time. It was great having my critique partner and new friend with me to support each other through our first pitch. I think she had a good time too! We both pitched to Jim McCarthy, an agent from New York, and both of us were asked for the first 50 pages of our books (after our revisions are done of course) and a synopsis. Then I was lucky enough to win a free query and synopsis help from Mary Buckham, co-author of Breaking into Fiction, because I knew when that time comes I will need all the help I can get!

Also, the food was good and it was great to see Lizzie and to meet some new writers and talk about their experiences and books they are writing. After the conference, we worked on Robin's blog and I think successfully got her's where she wants it to be and had chili (that my daughter made) for dinner. All and all, a full day, but a good day!

Next, Sunday, my son's 28th birthday! I was up and running, cleaning, shopping, laundry and getting ready to host the family and friends invited to celebrate his day. WOW, I was pooped by last night! I fell asleep early, woke back up and read, and then back to sleep by 11:00. I am actually glad that it's Monday!

Back to the norm and grateful for it! I have to say that this journey of writing a novel is exhausting, and exhilarating! It leads you through so many changes, in yourself and in your book. I do love it though and I look forward to the next workshop or conference, or my classes with my writing coach. I also enjoy meeting some wonderful people, and the amazing thing is they are so supportive and non-judgmental!  Thanks to all the great people I have met on the road to writing a novel, and thanks to my family and friends! I could not do this without all of you there cheering me on and giving me advice! I love all of you!


  1. I did have fun! We met some great people and both of us had successful pitches. Thank Brandi again for the blog help and for dinner! Wish Travis a happy belated birthday for me too!-Robin

  2. Congratulations on winning the critique, Lisa. Great job!

    Nice meeting Robin and of course, always love to see you!