Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Welcome to my Djen Den! What is a Djen Den? Well, Djen are the people in another dimension who protect us from total earth destruction!  Yes, those are the people in my world, the world of Stevie, my heroine, and her long time friends, Alyssa and Jack.

Aside from my novel, I will post other insights into my "real" world, such as introducing other author's and their platforms, recipes, short stories, news that I want to share, contests, and yes, even pictures! Hopefully one day I will even post a book trailer about my published novels!! Thinking positive!!

Although I am new to all of this, I hope I can inspire, aspire, and humble myself and others through this new journey of blogging! I welcome any suggestions, thoughts, and comments and will probably want help now and then to questions about my book, so feel free to offer ideas and even answers to some of my troubling questions.

I have been inspired by awesome family and friends and I love all of you and appreciate all of you!

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