Tuesday, November 29, 2011

American Christmas Shopping

What I have heard a lot lately is others reminding us to buy Christmas gifts from local stores and made in America, so I thought of some ideas that I want pass along this holiday season.

One idea is to buy books for gifts for those people on your list that like to read. You are not only buying local, but also supporting your favorite writers. Another idea is to buy movie tickets, most love to go to the movies and it's also a way to support America, and one more is gift cards to local restaurants. Also, tickets to a play or comedy show, or even a concert, local or big. There are a lot of people out there that can't afford entertainment and these are ways to give them a night out.

I love to share and I love giving gifts, but sometimes people are sick of getting a sweater or scarf. There are lots of ways to give fun gifts this year, my sister is the queen of coming up with awesome ideas!

For kids, how about a seasonal gift card for the Zoo, or Train museum, or a pottery making class? Giving gifts doesn't have to be over the top and can show support of your local businesses and artists, even in your own state.

If you can, take time out to not buy made in China, and give a gift of Fun!

Well, tomorrow is the last day of my contest to name my Orbs, so if you want to put in ideas, you have got two days to do so. They do not have to be looking up the meaning of those elements, they could be made up words, like the one we made up for Earth-Tecton. So if you want to post something you thought of, feel free, other wise, the winner will be posted on the first of December. Good luck, and have a wonderful holiday!

Love, Lisa

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