Friday, November 4, 2011

My 5 Orbs

I had a hard time deciding what to blog about this morning. My first initial thought was about the dilemma that I was having with the layout of my book...which I am sure none of you want to hear about, or something fun!

Then the thought dawned on me, what about a contest? Those are always fun right?! So here is my contest:

I have 5 Orbs in my book and I have had a hard time coming up with names for them. Right now the biggest one in the center, which represents the "Eternal Life Force" is named Spirit. I don't like it.

The other 4 represent the 4 elements...Water, Fire, Earth, and Air.

Their names are, Storm, which I like, Brimstone, Which I don't like, Tecton, which I really like and will keep, and Breath, which, I guess is okay but I want a better one.

So my challenge is whoever can come up with better names for the Orb for Eternal life force, and fire and air, will win a Visa gift certificate from me and a prize, which will depend on if you are a male or female on the prize.

So there is my contest. The winner will be announced at the end of the month. Good luck and I hope you can come up with some good names for me that will be in my book!

Lots of Love, Lisa

PS Make sure when you post your ideas that you leave me your email so I can get in touch with you in case you win!!


  1. Eternal Life: Athanasia - Greek Origin Means Eternal life, Chayka - hebrew means life

    Fire: Borvo - Celtic meaning heat, Saraph - Hebrew 'burning one', Udiya - Hebrew "ember of God"

    Air: Niyol or Aponivi - both native american meaning air

    Water: Noelani - Hawaiian 'mist of heaven', Neha - Hindu God's name meaning water, Jurmala - Latvian 'sea shore'

    There you go! Good luck!

  2. WOW! Good ones Brandie! Now lets see what other people come up with!

  3. The One in Center called Ki or NESCHUME: It is the Yiddish word for "soul."

    Fire - HUO (霍): Chinese unisex name meaning "fire."

    Sky- AVIRA (אַוִירָא): Aramaic name meaning "air, atmosphere, spirit."

    Water-MOANA: Hawaiian unisex name meaning "wide expanse of water."

  4. Irish:

    Eternal - siorai (closest pronunciation I could find shy-o-ri)
    Life - saol (shaol)
    Soul - enaid or anam
    Air - aeir
    Breath - anala
    Sky - speir
    Fire - Aed (proper name, old Gaelic, pronounced ey, as in hey)
    Sea - farraige
    Liquid - leacht (leckt)
    Water - uisce (whisk, for lack of a better 'sounds like' word)


    Life - elan-vital, creative force responsible for growth, change and necessary or desirable adaptation

  5. Eternal life force - Neveah, Essence, Chi
    Air - Aero, Skye, Azure
    Fire - Ember, Blaze

    That's all the creativity I can come up with for today! ;-)

  6. everyone has come up with great ideas! It will be tough to decide!