Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Day

I thought I should touch on my book today since it has been a few weeks and since that is the main reason I started a blog in the first place. I do want to say that this has been a long row for me and I think it is finally coming together, I hope!

I started this venture 3 years ago, and actually with another book. The first one I began to write was a mystery and I ended up putting it down after 10 chapters. I could not get into the mind of a sociopath! It was right before Christmas of that year, so I decided to wait until after the holidays. Finally January came and I realized it was another genre I needed to be in, Fantasy/Sci-fi. After all, it's what I love, isn't it?!

I sat down and scribbled notes about this world I was going to make up. I came up with a name and a little bit of the language. then I came up with my heroine and what she was all about. After figuring out the basics, I went on line looking for ideas and could not come up with any matches (which I thought was good since I didn't want it to be typical) and then sat down with my sister and began to tell her about my new world. She loved it and when I told her the name and asked her how she thought I should spell it, she came up with a great idea, and hence Djenrye was born!

I wrote the story in 3 months, and believe me it was not novel form, it was in story form, if you get my meaning. I knew something was wrong, but because I had not been in school for 30 years I did not know all the rules, and I broke most of them! I worked with my mom, she was an editor for non-fiction, and began to learn about grammar and punctuation all over again. But it did start to breathe some life into my book. After that, my sister and I began to work together, and I saw that I needed professional help, so I found a writing coach through a friend. Best thing I ever did! My writing coach and I worked together privately for a year and then I was invited to her class through meet up.

2 and a half years later, I am proud to say, I can actually write! Yes, I still need work, I am a work in progress, but the novel is now really coming to life and I can't wait to do the revisions. I am now up to chapter 5 and moving right along. I would be further, but I realized the beginning chapters were moving to slow, so I had to re-write the first 5. Also, most recently, I had to re-write the first few pages of my chapter 1, the part that I posted to all of you about a month ago, because it was not the way it need to be, now that is taken care of.

I am very excited about getting through the whole book this time and submitting it to an editor, for more revisions I'm sure, and maybe getting it in front of a publisher this next year some time. It has truly been an adventure and I now am in love with my book!

The other exciting thing for me is, my character, Stevie, is finally talking to me in my head. She is really coming to life and I am seeing the direction she needs to go in. I will post my new few paragraphs of chapter 1 this week and ask what all of you think. Now that I am moving in a clearer direction, I can also post other pages of my book to get your opinions. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement! You have all been more than patient and I also thank you for joining my blog, that is great support for me too!

Don't forget to post, I have the contest going on, the more you post, the better your chances!

Thanks again, Lisa

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  1. So far i am really liking the direction the story is going...Keep at it.