Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Teaser

I know I promised to post my new first few paragraphs from chapter 1 but I have not had the chance to rework it yet, so I thought I would post another part of my book. I would love to see comments on what you think and always remember, I'm not finished with revisions yet, it might need work! I also wanted to tell you all that it's been great getting feedback from you and your support is unmeasured!

So don't forget to post, I have the contest going on, and April has posted the most now! Do you think you can beat her?

Drawn back to the window, she squinted into the night, hoping to get a glimpse of the mysterious man. Who are you? She searched the tree line in vain, but the back yard began to darken, as though a cloud had moved over the moon. Her eyesight shimmered, and the landscape wavered as if she were viewing it under water. Blackness crept in peripherally, until her sight was narrowed to a pinprick. Then the center of her view brightened and opened into daylight.
Stevie reached down to brace herself against the bed, but instead found only air. She gazed around at the surroundings, no longer in her room, but rather standing in front of a pristine lake. Trees dotted the landscape on all sides and snow capped mountains created a backdrop to the valley. The smells had changed from the warming springtime in Golden, to a crisp fall air filled with the scent of evergreens and earth. She looked at the crystal blue sky above her; awed at seeing a sun in place of the moon.
Movement caused her head to turn to the right. A man stood on the lowest branch of the ponderosa pine not five feet from her. The way he smiled, his long raven hair and glowing blue eyes made her breath catch. She blinked once and he was gone. No wait, now he was in the tree to her left. He leaned back against the trunk long enough for her to get a clear view of his archaic outfit: Dark breeches, deep brown leather vest over a rough spun shirt, and fitted knee-high boots of some sort of animal skin. A two inch pendant of blue lace agate encircled in silver thread hung about his neck, and the sunlight glinted on a sword hilt peeking out from behind his right shoulder. Then he disappeared once again, the light began to fade into a tunnel. She found herself back at the window sill.

Well, let me know what you think, I am very curious! Next time I will post my German Press cookie recipe and once I finish the first part of chapter 1 I will post it! Have a wonderful day! 
Love, Lisa


  1. Lisa - this sounds great! I seriously cannot wait to read the whole book! You seem to have made a lot of improvements.
    love ya!

  2. What I love mist about your book is the descriptive sentances. Allow me to close my eyes and look through the eyes of Stevie, I feel her fear, her shyness, her curiosity draws me in. Brilliant!

  3. Awesome! thanks you two! I am glad it sounds good to you!