Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Winner

First, I want to thank those of you that took time out to look at new names for my Orbs! I loved a lot of the names and it made for a tough choice. 3 of you each had a name that I am considering, but the winner had 3 names I liked, so Jenna, you are the winner!

Jenna's top names that I liked were, Essence, Skye, and Ember. Great picks!!

I also liked Brandie's pick Borvo, April's pick Ki, and Robin's picks Elan Vital and Seir

Congratulations Jenna! I will contact you by email!

Okay, a new contest:

Through the month of December I will keep track of those who post on my blog! Whomever posts the most will win a gift card and a prize!

Good luck and look forward to seeing your posts to my blogs!

Love ya, Lisa

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