Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sick of the Same Old Thing

As you saw in my last blog, I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to post, and I realized what my problem was, I'm sick of the same old thing! The funny thing is, I went through this when I decided to write my novel. I love sci-fi/fantasy! I do love Vampires and Werewolves, and not to mention, Dragons, but I needed something different, something that people that love this stuff as much as I do, could sink their imagination teeth in to. That's why I decided to create my own fantasy characters, and my own world.

For those of you that are sick of the saturated market of the same old Vampires and the like, I think you will like my book! Yes, there are a few types that you are familiar with, such as wizards, but pretty much, this is different and I hope some day it becomes a household word...The Djen.

I am still creating this world and all the little details with it. That is a lot of why it is taking so long, but I really hope you love it as I do. The first book is basically just a glimpse into the world, but the next two will bring you in totally and when you read it, I hope you don't want to put it down. My main character, Stevie's life is going to change drastically and I want all of you to take the ride with her.

The books also have everything in them, action, romance, magic, mystery, visions, and sci-fi too! I really hope that you continue on this voyage with me and when my books are in print that you take a chance and read them, and then of course, let me know if you liked them. Just to fill you in, I finally named my first book, The Hidden Shield. I am still trying to come up with the title of the series.

Some day I hope that they become a popular new type of character, one that people can relate to and love. Thank you for coming along on my trip with me to a new land, a new world, and new realms of possibilities!

See you on the flip side, Lisa

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to Say

Hello all my blogger friends, I am so happy to have all of you on my journey with me! I ran through my head the different subjects to write about today, but what it boils down too, is I came up with zip! I could put up a recipe, but I have no pictures to put up with it, so that makes it boring. I could have added another teaser, but I am not sure that you like my teasers, so you have to let me know.

I am new to this adventure and obviously not that good at it so any ideas or subjects you would like, please feel free to enlighten me. I do have a guest lined up for next week and I am very excited about that! Lizzie has been a long time friend and supporter and I sincerely hope that all of you welcome her, she is a great lady!

Through everything I have had to add in my life to write this book, it's been an amazing experience. Classes, writing coach, critique partner, a blog and now becoming a member of a national writing group, wow, has my life changed! I love it though, it has helped me to grow in so many ways, not to mention humbled me to all the people out there reaching for the same dream as I am.

My book has come a long way, and for those of you that read the rough draft I am sure you would agree. I am very proud of the way it is finally coming together and I can now see the changes I need to make to bring it full circle and get it published. I have made my decision as to which direction I will go in publishing. If I cannot get published with a respectable publishing house, then I will self publish. The smaller houses do little if anything to help you market, and then collect from your profits. Just to say I am published, it doesn't cut it for me.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to be supportive. I am sure I will be done with revisions in a few months and on to writing my query letter and synopsis. Please send me ideas for my blog, ideas you would like to see. I do love all sorts of subjects, animals (especially wolves and eagles), books, movies, art, so anything that you can come up with will help me out.

I know this is not the typical blog post, but I can admit that I am struggling in this area!

Love to all, Lisa

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Time For Changes

I have been informed that this year will mark the year of change. That's what the Mayan teach us, it is not the end, just new beginnings. I feel good about this year. I believe in my husband, my book and in myself to accomplish some things that could deem to be hard. Of course, there are always challenges, but that is what makes life interesting and overcoming the difficult only makes you stronger and wiser to deal with the next issues that come up. That is if you learn from what you experience.

This year I am joining another writing group. It is a national group and it has been suggested to me that when I am ready to write my query letter to agents and publishers, I need to show that I am dedicated to working on my craft. I don't understand why my little writing group isn't good enough, but I guess the big group has more credibility and  I chose the national one from going to several meetings and seeing that they touch on all kinds of writing issues, not just the craft, but other things, such as computer and platform issues. This group also has quite a few guest speakers, from authors, to agents, to computer geeks. I definitely need help in all of the above.

I am truly grateful to have had some very supportive friends through this endeavor to show me the right path to go on and to have a successful novel in the end. At first, I fought having to take classes and read books on writing, but I am so glad that I did. I have learned a lot and have met some great and supportive friends along the way.

Today, I will be working on my second novel, yes, for those of you who didn't know, I am writing a trilogy, and the second novel is 3/4 done. I have not touched it for a few months which always give a fresh perspective once you come back to it. Just to give you a hint, Stevie, my heroine, goes to Djenrye. She is captivated by the new world, and loves the fact they still live a simple life, well except for the Rebellion always causing problems, and they have magical abilities.

I look forward to continuing to dive into my Djen world and I can't wait until I can completely share it with all of you.

Yes, life is full of challenges, but I think if you welcome them with the idea that change is always healthy, then you will be successful. To change your attitude and learn to smile and be happy within yourself, will make all the difference in the world. Know that you are worth the struggle!

Love, Lisa

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Wonderful Soup

For those of you that still have turkey broth left over in your freezer from the holiday's (like me) this is a wonderful soup to make out of it. Even if you don't, this is a great recipe to hold on too for the next time you roast a fresh turkey. I took this soup into VFW a few weeks ago for the potluck and everyone loved it that tried it. In fact, one of the men, yes you heard me right, asked for the recipe. I hope you try it out and let me know if you like it!

Greek Lemon Soup

Take leftover bones and scraps from turkey and put it in a pot. Fill up with water and boil for several hours. Once done, strain the broth and put into the refrigerator over night. Take the leftover scraps, once cooled, and pick through them for the good meat left and throw away the rest. Put into a container and into the refrigerator.

The next day, take out broth and skim the fat on top off and throw out. Put in pot and add the leftover scraps and any more turkey you want to add. Add chicken boullion and Vegetable boullion to taste. I usually add about 6 of chicken and 3 or 4 of the veggie. Add more water and any spices you like, and set the burner to medium heat.

Cut up onion, carrot, celery and add a bag of frozen peas. Let cook for a few hours. About an hour before serving, add rice and right before time to eat, take 3 eggs and whip into 2 cups of cold water. Add to soup mixture and whip while adding until blended well. Once that is finished, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice per about 14 cups of soup. Not to much lemon because it will be too strong.

Then Enjoy! It is a wonderful soup and I hope all of you try it! If you have frozen broth in the freezer, then thaw that and start where you add the meat.

It is an easy recipe and your family will love it! Love, Lisa

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trials and Asperations

First, I want to let all of you know that have joined my blog that I appreciate you and thank you! I have just started on this path of platforming, and so far it's been a tough trial! To have to sell yourself has not ever been an easy thing for me to do, and I am sure anyone who has written or is any kind of an artist feels the same way. I remember when I used to book comedians and bands here in Denver, I would have long conversations with them on the phone and everyone of them would go through fretting if they were good enough to be on stage of if their last show was funny, and that they screwed up a joke or a song, as the case may be. I would threaten that I was going to teach a self-esteem class, and then tell them they were excellent and I loved their show. Now, I know how they feel.

There are times that I wake up and the first thought out of my brain is "my writing sucks!" On those days I have learned not to go near my book and that I needed a pep talk from someone who loves my work. But my writing coach gave me a mantra for those days, and I use it whole heartedly!  I am important and my writing is important, I say that over and over until I feel better.

Here lately though, I am feeling really good about my book! It has come such a long way and the changes are great! I realized a few months ago that I needed some serious changes done so that the book flowed better and kept you reading and since then I have had two fellow writers read several chapters and they both said they loved it! Sure it still needed some tweaking, but they loved it and that made me feel so good. I finally can aspire to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The revisions have been more than what I could hope for. The flow is finally there, the characters finally talk to me and I can see what I need to fix or where I need to add details so that the richness comes through and puts you there, in the story, right along with me.

After 3 years of starting this project, I feel actually proud enough to submit my book to a professional editor, of course, when my revisions are done. It has been a long road, and although I am not even close to the end of it, I can see the path and the world beyond! I appreciate that I decided to hit the walls and barriers so that my book can be the best that I can make it. Sure I could have just self-published, but going this direction has taught me a lot and humbled me to the craft of being a writer and soon an author! 

Thanks to all of you who have pushed me to continue and to work on my craft, and a double thanks to my family who has put up with my whining or sat with me to read chapters and helped me in revisions (my sister, God love her). You have all walked the path with me in one way or another and again I appreciate all of you!

Love ya, Lisa

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Peek into Djenrye

Hi my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful new year and that so far this year has been good to you. I really feel great about this new year because I will have my book done this year and ready for the professional edits and submissions to agents and publishers. I am very excited about it! For once there is light at the end of the very, very long tunnel! I thought I would give you a peek into Djenrye today. It is just a small peek, but you will see that it is an ancient world, full of possibilities.

Please feel free to critique and let me know what you think, it means a lot to me to hear from you! Also, one more thing, the contest is moving to February. Lizzie cannot be a guest until then. Life has been busy for her, just as it has for the rest of us. I guess we won't have a contest this month, but that's okay, we have other months ahead.

Please comment and let me know if you like it!

That night she dreamed of a city high on a cliff. She was standing on the adjacent mountain side and the sun was rising behind her, illuminating the details of the scene before her. The entrance to the city was marked by tall columns, like those one would see in an ancient Greek temple. Between the columns in the square was a giant round orb of a polished gold, supported by what looked like claws from an animal, holding it up to the heavens. The entire city was nestled in a forest, a waterfall cascaded off the rocks next to what looked to be a temple on that stood like a sentinel overlooking the city.
Her vision moved down to the bottom of the bluff, where a river churned white by rapids roared through the canyon. She gazed past the metropolis at valleys and meadows and majestic mountains with snow caps and unforgiving summits. Looking back at the entrance, the orb gleamed with different colors, blue, purple, yellow and pink as the sun’s rays moved across the surface. The surreal beauty calmed her with its radiance.  

Have a wonderful day all!

Love, Lisa

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lookin' Good!

Hi all my blog followers, I have a few announcements to make and then I will post a new contest.

First of all congratulations to April for being my contest winner for the month of December! I will contact you April to get you your prize and gift card! Thank you for posting and getting involved with my blog site, it's so nice to see people be supportive!

Second, 3 people asked to get to read my prologue and 5 chapters of my book, so I decided to let all three. I emailed them out yesterday and Traci sent back a rave review with wanting to read more, well I can't tell you how great that made me feel! Thanks Traci and now I am waiting to hear from Jody and my daughter Brandie in hopes that they like it too! Thank you so much for reading the chapters and letting me know what they think!

Now, on to my next contest for the month of January. I am (hopefully) going to have two guests this month. I have to learn how to transfer the information and thus have them on my blog. One is a good friend of mine who has been very supportive of me through my writing adventure, in fact she is the one who talked me into starting my book. She is an author herself and writes paranormal romance. Lizzie T. Leaf. The other I met through Facebook and have become friends with, and in fact he has read some of my chapters, even though the book has almost completely changed from what he read. He is an author and guest spots on Ancient Aliens, (which I love that show) Logan Hawkes! I have tons of questions for him. Anyway, the contest will be who ever comments when they are spotlighted on my blog, will have their name put in a drawing. I will draw the winning name at the end of the month and they will win the prize.

So stay tuned, good stuff to come, and thanks to those of you who continue to give me support, I love all of you!


Monday, January 2, 2012

A new Teaser

Hello everyone! I hope your new year is starting out wonderful and that this year is nothing short of expectations fulfilled! I know that I promised to re-post the first few paragraphs of my book so that's what I am going to post. You will notice that there are a lot of similarities, but that is because it is pretty much the same thing only a different name for the driver and a little more dialog. The reason for this is when I had a Jeremy character I was told that since he only has a small part in the book, that I cannot lead with him. I decided to get rid of him and put in Stevie's best friend, Jack, instead.

Jack is a wonderful character, he will probably become a favorite of yours. He is funny, silly and a smart ass at times, but you just can't help but love him! He is also very loyal to Stevie and is there for her when ever she needs someone to hold her hand, or point out when she needs to rethink situations, or even a shoulder to cry on, I mean, isn't that what best friends are for?

I hope you like the start of my book and look forward to any comments you may have!

Stevie threw her hands against the dashboard to keep from slamming forward as the mustang roared into the driveway, sliding sideways on the gravel and spitting rock behind them. She turned to Jack, but he refused to look at her, choosing instead to stare out the windshield.
“Watch out for my mom’s flowers.” Stevie cried. “And the new tree she just planted.”
Despite her efforts and the seatbelt, she was flung forward when the car came to a skidding halt.
            “Jack, are you frickin’ crazy?” Stevie said, cautiously releasing her death grip on the dashboard. “My mom is going to kill you for the way you drove in here, stirring up the gravel and throwing it into the flower bed.”         
“Naa…it’s just some little rocks, it’ll be fine,” Jack looked at her, the sides of his lips forming a smile. “Besides, she’ll still love me.”
“Yeah? Well, I don’t know if I will.” She rolled her eyes. “So enlighten me. How is it that a new car is all it took to break your word to your parents.”
“Jeez, Stevie—in total control. I was just having a little fun.”
Stevie wanted to throw the death of Jack’s sister in his face, but even after ten years, she knew better. The loss of Jennifer, his only sister, still pained him. But still, the death should be a reminder not to take stupid risks.

Well, there it is, and don't forget to comment, I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful day!
Love ya, Lisa