Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lookin' Good!

Hi all my blog followers, I have a few announcements to make and then I will post a new contest.

First of all congratulations to April for being my contest winner for the month of December! I will contact you April to get you your prize and gift card! Thank you for posting and getting involved with my blog site, it's so nice to see people be supportive!

Second, 3 people asked to get to read my prologue and 5 chapters of my book, so I decided to let all three. I emailed them out yesterday and Traci sent back a rave review with wanting to read more, well I can't tell you how great that made me feel! Thanks Traci and now I am waiting to hear from Jody and my daughter Brandie in hopes that they like it too! Thank you so much for reading the chapters and letting me know what they think!

Now, on to my next contest for the month of January. I am (hopefully) going to have two guests this month. I have to learn how to transfer the information and thus have them on my blog. One is a good friend of mine who has been very supportive of me through my writing adventure, in fact she is the one who talked me into starting my book. She is an author herself and writes paranormal romance. Lizzie T. Leaf. The other I met through Facebook and have become friends with, and in fact he has read some of my chapters, even though the book has almost completely changed from what he read. He is an author and guest spots on Ancient Aliens, (which I love that show) Logan Hawkes! I have tons of questions for him. Anyway, the contest will be who ever comments when they are spotlighted on my blog, will have their name put in a drawing. I will draw the winning name at the end of the month and they will win the prize.

So stay tuned, good stuff to come, and thanks to those of you who continue to give me support, I love all of you!


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