Monday, January 2, 2012

A new Teaser

Hello everyone! I hope your new year is starting out wonderful and that this year is nothing short of expectations fulfilled! I know that I promised to re-post the first few paragraphs of my book so that's what I am going to post. You will notice that there are a lot of similarities, but that is because it is pretty much the same thing only a different name for the driver and a little more dialog. The reason for this is when I had a Jeremy character I was told that since he only has a small part in the book, that I cannot lead with him. I decided to get rid of him and put in Stevie's best friend, Jack, instead.

Jack is a wonderful character, he will probably become a favorite of yours. He is funny, silly and a smart ass at times, but you just can't help but love him! He is also very loyal to Stevie and is there for her when ever she needs someone to hold her hand, or point out when she needs to rethink situations, or even a shoulder to cry on, I mean, isn't that what best friends are for?

I hope you like the start of my book and look forward to any comments you may have!

Stevie threw her hands against the dashboard to keep from slamming forward as the mustang roared into the driveway, sliding sideways on the gravel and spitting rock behind them. She turned to Jack, but he refused to look at her, choosing instead to stare out the windshield.
“Watch out for my mom’s flowers.” Stevie cried. “And the new tree she just planted.”
Despite her efforts and the seatbelt, she was flung forward when the car came to a skidding halt.
            “Jack, are you frickin’ crazy?” Stevie said, cautiously releasing her death grip on the dashboard. “My mom is going to kill you for the way you drove in here, stirring up the gravel and throwing it into the flower bed.”         
“Naa…it’s just some little rocks, it’ll be fine,” Jack looked at her, the sides of his lips forming a smile. “Besides, she’ll still love me.”
“Yeah? Well, I don’t know if I will.” She rolled her eyes. “So enlighten me. How is it that a new car is all it took to break your word to your parents.”
“Jeez, Stevie—in total control. I was just having a little fun.”
Stevie wanted to throw the death of Jack’s sister in his face, but even after ten years, she knew better. The loss of Jennifer, his only sister, still pained him. But still, the death should be a reminder not to take stupid risks.

Well, there it is, and don't forget to comment, I would love to hear from you! Have a wonderful day!
Love ya, Lisa


  1. Love it! Do you still need readers? I would love to go over any work you would like to share. My e-mail is or bring a copy on Saturday.

  2. thanks Jody! You can absolutely read it, just as long as it doesn't take long for you to read it. I want you to be able to read it as close together as possible so I know it is flowing right. I will e mail you!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    I have just remembered a comment from one of my school reports... press on with courageous determination! I think that is appropriate for your teaser. It reads well, and leaves the reader asking questions about what happens next... enough info for curiosity to creep in.