Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sick of the Same Old Thing

As you saw in my last blog, I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to post, and I realized what my problem was, I'm sick of the same old thing! The funny thing is, I went through this when I decided to write my novel. I love sci-fi/fantasy! I do love Vampires and Werewolves, and not to mention, Dragons, but I needed something different, something that people that love this stuff as much as I do, could sink their imagination teeth in to. That's why I decided to create my own fantasy characters, and my own world.

For those of you that are sick of the saturated market of the same old Vampires and the like, I think you will like my book! Yes, there are a few types that you are familiar with, such as wizards, but pretty much, this is different and I hope some day it becomes a household word...The Djen.

I am still creating this world and all the little details with it. That is a lot of why it is taking so long, but I really hope you love it as I do. The first book is basically just a glimpse into the world, but the next two will bring you in totally and when you read it, I hope you don't want to put it down. My main character, Stevie's life is going to change drastically and I want all of you to take the ride with her.

The books also have everything in them, action, romance, magic, mystery, visions, and sci-fi too! I really hope that you continue on this voyage with me and when my books are in print that you take a chance and read them, and then of course, let me know if you liked them. Just to fill you in, I finally named my first book, The Hidden Shield. I am still trying to come up with the title of the series.

Some day I hope that they become a popular new type of character, one that people can relate to and love. Thank you for coming along on my trip with me to a new land, a new world, and new realms of possibilities!

See you on the flip side, Lisa


  1. Thanks Steve! And thanks for joining mine! What is your link?

  2. Awesome Lisa! I can't wait to read the whole series!