Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trials and Asperations

First, I want to let all of you know that have joined my blog that I appreciate you and thank you! I have just started on this path of platforming, and so far it's been a tough trial! To have to sell yourself has not ever been an easy thing for me to do, and I am sure anyone who has written or is any kind of an artist feels the same way. I remember when I used to book comedians and bands here in Denver, I would have long conversations with them on the phone and everyone of them would go through fretting if they were good enough to be on stage of if their last show was funny, and that they screwed up a joke or a song, as the case may be. I would threaten that I was going to teach a self-esteem class, and then tell them they were excellent and I loved their show. Now, I know how they feel.

There are times that I wake up and the first thought out of my brain is "my writing sucks!" On those days I have learned not to go near my book and that I needed a pep talk from someone who loves my work. But my writing coach gave me a mantra for those days, and I use it whole heartedly!  I am important and my writing is important, I say that over and over until I feel better.

Here lately though, I am feeling really good about my book! It has come such a long way and the changes are great! I realized a few months ago that I needed some serious changes done so that the book flowed better and kept you reading and since then I have had two fellow writers read several chapters and they both said they loved it! Sure it still needed some tweaking, but they loved it and that made me feel so good. I finally can aspire to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The revisions have been more than what I could hope for. The flow is finally there, the characters finally talk to me and I can see what I need to fix or where I need to add details so that the richness comes through and puts you there, in the story, right along with me.

After 3 years of starting this project, I feel actually proud enough to submit my book to a professional editor, of course, when my revisions are done. It has been a long road, and although I am not even close to the end of it, I can see the path and the world beyond! I appreciate that I decided to hit the walls and barriers so that my book can be the best that I can make it. Sure I could have just self-published, but going this direction has taught me a lot and humbled me to the craft of being a writer and soon an author! 

Thanks to all of you who have pushed me to continue and to work on my craft, and a double thanks to my family who has put up with my whining or sat with me to read chapters and helped me in revisions (my sister, God love her). You have all walked the path with me in one way or another and again I appreciate all of you!

Love ya, Lisa

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