Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Can you feel the love? It's the hugs and kisses day...and don't forget the chocolate, nothing says love like chocolate! I hope all of my blog friends are having a wonderful Valentines day, and that your partner shows you their heart! My husband is a very romantic man and I look forward to his charm and warmth on this day. Actually, most days he is very attentive.

Of course, if you don't have a person in your life to share Valentines day with, I say, go out and buy yourself a box of chocolate and sit down in front of your favorite movie or TV show and enjoy! I know you have to love yourself too!

Well, I thought for today I would put up a little excerpt from my book about what my heroine is going through with her new found man. I hope you enjoy it and as always, please leave a comment, or even a critique if needed, which I am sure my writing does!

I will be having on more guests in the next few weeks too, along with prizes for comments, so don't forget to check back and read about some of my author friends and their books. I also did finally hear from Logan Hawkes and he will be a guest on here soon. I will keep you posted! His will be a really fun blog, since it's about aliens, fun for me at least, and I hope fun for you too!

On to my teaser! Have a great Valentines everyone! XOXO

“Alyssa, I’m telling you that I’m falling for this guy. I’ve never felt like this before…” Stevie slouched on the couch, head on the arm rest, cell up to her ear.
            “I think you should take it slow, Stevie. You don’t know anything about this man. All you know is he’s wicked hot.”
            “I know, I know, but still, I can’t help it, I’m doing the Wicked Witch of the West thing….I’m melting here…”
            “Geez, Stevie, chill…give it time.”
Stevie moved the phone in front of her face and rolled her eyes. Give it time…right.
“Besides, I gotta go, I have to work tonight.”
Whether Alyssa really did have to leave or was just trying to get off the phone, Stevie wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter. Stevie hung up, sat up, and returned to surfing sites on the laptop. Her eyes flickered with the movement across the screen, but her mind was focused on Colton.
She had tried to hug him earlier, only to have him pull away. Did I totally misread him? I thought for sure he was going to kiss me. After re-reading the same sentence three times, she knew staying on the computer was futile. Damn it Stevie, if it’s meant to be with Colton, it will happen. Stevie moved from the couch to the kitchen and grabbed a soda. The pop and fizz echoed in the empty house. Her stomach added to the odd orchestra with a gurgle. When’s the last time I ate?
Too anxious to fix anything, and feeling more than a little rejected by her protector, Stevie called out to Tonka, meeting the lab at the back door. Sliding the glass open, Tonka darted past her into the yard while Stevie watched to see if she was heading for the tree—Colton’s tree as she had come to think of it. But no; instead Tonka began her standard sniffing patrol around the edge of the yard.
Stevie stared into the trees as if simply willing it would make Colten appear. She knew she would see him in the morning, but that seemed like years rather than hours away. Why she had already felt tied to him defied logical reason. She didn’t even know him, but could not deny the feeling that they were somehow destined to be together.

I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to comment, I love hearing from you!

Love, Lisa

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  1. Better late than never. :)

    XOXO back at ya!

    I'm so glad that you heard from Logan and that he'll be guesting soon. Since I gave my critique last night on this chapter, I'll not repeat it here.

    I do want to say, to everyone else though, that this is a fun chapter and I especially liked the last section (Lisa, you know which one), but I'm not going to be a spoiler and give anything away, so you all have to wait for the book.

    Well, girl, I'll see you tomorrow!

    Lots of love,