Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staying Positive

As the old saying goes, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

That's what my parents taught me, and I have tried to live by that analogy. Sure I have days that I want to crawl back in bed and put the covers over my head, but then I tell myself to get past it, try and look for the positive in life. After years working with the public and learning to smile and to leave my problems at home, you lean toward the people you meet that always smile and laugh. That's probably why I booked comedians more so when I was an agent and why one of my closest friends is a professional comedienne. I love their energy and their attitude toward everything and everyone around them. They see the humor in all things and put it into a fresh prospective, well that makes you see the truth, not all is lost.

Recently, I have been musing over the whole publishing ordeal, to publish with a publishing house, or to strike out and self publish...that has been the question, but when looking at the big picture I realized that my story is good, not just good, it's great! I believe in it and believe that a publisher out there will agree and take a chance on my book. I dream of seeing my books one day on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. I dream of holding it in my hands and staring at the cover and everything else on it, until I have memorized every nook and cranny. I do feel this in my soul. I do believe.

Of course, there are obstacles in my life, we all have those, but if we can look past them and see the bigger picture, to affirm the dream and imagine it, then we can focus on the positive, instead of dragging our feet and feeling sorry for ourselves. I do love my life. I love my husband, and my family, and I do love my job. I love living in Golden Colorado, and I love hiking with my dog by my side. Sure, I have money problems and here lately I worry about having enough to take care of everything, but I have decided to deal with that issue one day at a time. There is only so much a person can do, and I have bigger fish to fry.

Always look at the good in your life. Look to the people that love you and you love back. Who is there for you in the tough as well as the good times. I know it seems as though that's easier said than done, but you are in control of your own destiny. You can change anything in you life that needs changing. Get up and dust yourself off and start at the beginning of the problem. Eventually you will see your life evolve into something better, no something fantastic and worth living for.

So, my blog friends out there, I would love to hear what you have done to change your attitude and thus change your life for the better. What dreams do you have and what are you doing to reach them? I appreciate all of you and hope that you take the time to leave a comment and affirm your positive thinking!

Love, Lisa


  1. Great post Lisa! Just this weekend I affirmed that I've found my niche in writing. It's what truly makes me happy and the like minded people and groups that I've become involved with mean so much to me. Writing has become one of the strongest positives in my life after my children.

  2. To make my one of my dreams come true, we left behind every friend and family member we have and moved 3,000 mi away. It took a lot of time, a lot of hard work, a lot of money, and a lot of prayers - - but it finally happened. We had to make sacrifices, but we never gave up and although every single minute of living in Alaska has not been rosy and positive, it IS a dream come true. A dream that we worked for to make it come true. It wasn't handed to us, and that makes it even more precious. The life experience and quality of life we're providing for our kids here was worth EVERY struggle along the way. As the old saying goes, "Anything is possible", but I think the rest of the saying should go "Anything is possible for those who work hard."

  3. Absolutely Robin and Jenna! I am so glad to see that your being positive has helped you to realize your dreams! We all have the potential to realize and to work hard for them! Thanks for the posts!

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