Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Book Series Review - Game of Thrones

Finally, this Sunday, Game of Thrones second series comes to HBO! Obviously, I am excited, and my rear will be on the couch with popcorn and chocolate, to watch the long awaited new season come to life on the screen.

I wanted to give my thoughts and revelations about these books, and I hope that those of you who haven't read them, and who like to read something different and not all 'Fluffy', to give them a try. I did, and I am hooked!

First, this is a review, so if you haven't read the series there might be a spoiler, just a warning.

The first book, in the Fire and Ice series, The Game of Thrones, written by George R. R. Martin, caught my eye when I was searching for a new read on Amazon. I ordered it and a few days later, found out my sister was recently introduced to the books by her husband, who read them years ago. She and I read through the 5 books together and were both sucked in, to never be let go! We would sit and discuss each character and had a hard time putting the books down at night, hence, being very tired at work the next day! But no matter, they were worth it, and now we try to be patient awaiting the arrival of book 6.

The first thing about the books that astonished me was the fact that each chapter was a character. Most of the first book was about the Stark family, but not all of it, and in the end, Ned gets killed and Dragons arrive. When Ned was killed I asked, why would he kill off his main character, and the answer finally came to me books later. Ned is not the protagonist, the Realm is.

This is new, well at least to me. I have never read a book that the entire realm was the main character in a series, and the amazing thing is, it works! In fact, thousands are addicted to these books now, and they are fast becoming more and more popular.

The next thing that literally drew me into an emotional frenzy, was the fact that these books are far from, "and they live happily ever after". So far in fact that you find yourself praying for characters survival, wanting revenge against other characters, marveling at the magic and the different religions the writer came up with, and being fascinated how the author never misses a beat. There are so many characters that you wonder how in the world he has kept them all straight and given each one such richness and individuality...remarkable to say the least.

You will laugh, cry, ponder, smile, be afraid, and believe me you will experience completely, a new world. A dark world, where there is death, destruction, love, compassion, companionship, growth, survival, you name it, its in the books.

I hope those of you who would love to sink your teeth into something new, something more real than the books of today, then give these books a try. You don't have to be big on fantasy books to become addicted to the series, just big on wanting something more in your reading. I have been truly inspired by them and I hope you give them a chance and read them yourselves.

Take care all, Winter is Coming...


Monday, March 26, 2012

A Winner of Logan's Book

Here it is Monday again, time just seems to slip though my fingers lately. Between painting the whole house and bringing up clothes and nick-naks for their new home, and cleaning in-between, not to mention, showing up to work once in a while...I'm tired! But, it will soon be over and I can relax again.

I want to say having Logan Hawkes as a guest last Thursday was amazing! His wonderful and well thought out insights were fantastic and I enjoyed reading every one. I am sure he was tired by the end of the day, but he didn't miss one answer, even if it took him to 9:00 at night. It was much appreciated! I hope one day I can have him back as a guest, everyone seemed to really enjoy his answers, and could relate to his musings, or even agree with his research.

Well, we do have a winner: Toni Burns - You will be sent Logan's book Ancient Aliens of the Americas!
I will be in contact with you for your mailing information and get it to Logan. Congratulations Toni! I hope you enjoy the book, and don't forget to share!

Back to the drawing board for me, or the writing board for that matter. I will post a teaser from my book and as always, don't forget to leave me your comments, and or critiques. It lets me know you care and your reading!

Stevie had hoped to have her friends at her side when she made the decision to look for signs of the mysterious man, but lacking that (and them trying to talk her out of it), She decided to head up the mountain with Tonka.
Deep in the tree line, Stevie scanned the area, feeling more nervous than she anticipated. The foliage was thick; making it was hard to spot anyone who didn’t want to be seen. Between the abundance of trees and bushes, even an inexperienced camper could hide easily. She watched Tonka, who always reacted to strangers, but the lab seemed contented to push her nose through the tall grasses and do her doggy business. She wondered how she would handle it if he did show himself. Would she run? Would she stop and try to talk with him? Of course you would run, she thought, you don’t know what he wants or who he is. Then again, she was curious.
As she neared the peak, Stevie lost sight of Tonka racing behind a large cropping of boulders. Calling the dog, Tonka finally responded by loping toward her, a leather pouch swinging from her jaws. Stevie commanded the lab to drop the item in her hand, and followed the dog to find out what she had gotten into.
A cropping of rock hid a small entrance in the mountain side. Stevie was surprised that she had never before come across the opening after years of hiking the area. Ducking her head inside, the cave opened into a comfortable large cavern. The sunlight illuminated the first few feet of the entrance, providing just enough light to see a rolled up wool blanket, more leather pouches that looked similar to what Tonka had retrieved, a knife, an apple, and a sewn together booklet.
Intrigued, she picked up the booklet and moved farther into the light. The cover had the feel of supple leather. It appeared to be handmade, and the front was embossed with a circle ringed in silver, like a pendant. She ran her hands over the silver inlay remembering the agate pendant the man wore in her visions. Opening the book, Stevie gingerly turned to the first page. The paper had the textured feel of parchment; thicker, but more translucent than normal writing paper. The book was filled with drawings and a language she had never seen. Although beautifully rendered, Stevie was unable to comprehend the meanings, and then half-way through, she saw something familiar. Flipping back a few pages, there it was, in full color, bold as can be—her birthmark.

Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Lisa

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Special Guest-Logan Hawkes

Thank you Logan, for coming on my blog as a guest. This means so much to me! I thought I would ask you some questions and then my blog fans can ask questions themselves, in the comment box. As you know, I too am writing a novel and it will have the Ancient Alien theory mixed into the story. Of course, I won't give away too much of my book, because I want people to buy it and enjoy the story. It is going to be a series of books with the underline story having to do with the "Sky Gods" and has been a lot of fun to write! So on to the first question.

Add caption

Tell us a little about yourself, are you married with children/grandchildren?

ANSWER: Thanks for having me on your wonderful blog Lisa. I am honored. Married, yes. My wife Carla and I have been married a long time. I have five sons and a handful of grand children - proud of every one of them. One son, my youngest, still lives at home.

I know that you used to live here in Colorado and you were on the radio. What got you into that business and are you still doing some radio?

ANSWER: You never really escape radio once you have worked in it for a while. I think I have retired from it, but I have said that in the past as well and seem to return from time to time for whatever reason. Actually I am trying not to work in radio anymore. I am trying to work less and less and spend more time doing my own projects. But I have been trying to that for years - sometimes with a little success. But I am also- a writer by trade, for magazines, news sources, and such, and that takes up a lot of my time. But for the most part it is a labor of love. I enjoy writing, some things more than others of course.

What type of work are you doing now? I know you are on segments of the Ancient Alien series on History Channel, but you had mentioned to me that you have your own business.

ANSWER: My wife and I are partners in a small media company. We are content providers for a number of clients including Penton Media, New York Times,, America Online, a couple of wire services and such. We have a few travel sites we maintain, a few we manage for others, provide audio and video support for other clients, and do audio production as well. Being a contractor is a wonderful thing on the one hand. The other side of that is that when a good contract comes along, it can be time demanding. For example, Penton Media is the largest magazine publisher in the world with literally hundreds of titles, both consumer and trade publications. I started working with them some 13-14 years ago to fill a temporary gap and am still going strong - stronger than ever in fact. We also still provide audio production services for a couple of radio groups.

What is it like to be on such a popular show as Ancient Aliens, and what got you started on the show?

ANSWER: You know Lisa, I never really imagined being on AA or any other show for that matter. It just happened. I received an unexpected call from one of the producers one day a few years back and they had a few questions about something I had written a few years back. After a rather lengthy exchange they asked if I would be interested in filming a guest segment. Now I am not much for being on camera. I have worked years in the radio industry and have produced and edited a little film and video in the past. I enjoy working with actors, but from a technical, directorial point of view. I don’t even like hearing myself on the radio, and certainly am not interested in seeing myself. But I can be myself behind a microphone, but rarely in front of a camera. So - the truth be told - I don’t really care much for being on camera. But I enjoy the Ancient Aliens series so much and my wife, being a former film actress, is always encouraging me to step out and do something different, I reluctantly agreed to the interview. Depending on how you look at it, it went downhill from there because they kept calling me back season after season and I kept trying to get comfortable with the idea. The truth is, I am one of those people that have so many irons in the fire. If I lived a couple of hundred years I still wouldn’t be able to get around to doing everything I would like to do, so finding the time to research and prepare for each season and the many episode in which I have appeared has been a challenge. And once you start something like I have learned, the more the phone starts ringing. I did an episode of William Shatner’s Canadian TV series, have made a few dozen guest appearances on Internet and commercial radio shows, have been interviewed by a handful of magazines and such…and now I just ask Carla to answer the phone. Having said all of that, I have certainly enjoyed working with the AA folks and can’t seem to stop, although I am trying to slow down and get back to work on projects that have been placed on the back burner. But my heart keeps me involved, and not sure I could ever say no when they call.

Do you believe in the Ancient Alien theory, and if so, why?

ANSWER: Sure I do. I may not agree with everything that others believe about it. As a researcher, I find myself to be rather skeptical about accepting everything at face value. The problem for me is that I can not prove everything that I believe or theorize, so I tend to be a little conservative in my arguments. But the truth be known, I think it is foolish to think we as a species - the human species - are the center of the universe and that all of infinite space is empty and void of life. I think we are like a grain of sand on a beach that stretches eternally on and that there is more than just a remote possibility that we are not the only game in town - so to speak. Yes, I believe there are other intelligent life forms “out there”, and I believe it is highly probable they have visited out neck of the woods on multiple occasions. I would be surprised if they are here now even as we speak. And I also believe there is a strong possibility that at one time or another in our ancient past that we were the nothing more than visitors to this green rock we call earth.

I really enjoyed your fictional book, Close Encounters of the Old West. but I understand your most recent novel, Ancient Aliens of the Americas, is more a non-fiction about investigating the Ancient Alien theory. Can you elaborate?

Add caption
ANSWER: My grandmother, rest her soul, was a full blood Cherokee, and on top of that I have a little Cheyenne blood from the other side of the family. Native Americans, especially the ancient variety, were a lot more advanced than most people realize, and their knowledge was much greater than ours when it comes to such things. I know that many of them believe visitors from the stars have traveled to and from the Earth in the past, so I have spent a great deal of time researching and studying ancient myth and lore in an attempt to uncover forgotten truths. The AAA book just touches the surface of that research, in fact, hardly gets into very deeply at all. That would require volumes. The book is little more than an introduction into Native American and ancient beliefs in extraterrestrial life. As far as Close Encounters of the Old West is concerned, the idea was born out of research of real historical incidents of alien visitation and undocumented reports of actual events. Sometimes - when you are trying to fill in the blanks - you want to connect the dots with a little reasonable speculation for the sake of making a story sing. It is fiction of course, but fiction with a bite, based upon research uncovered down through the years. Just a quick note about both books: I never really intended to write these books. They started out as either notes about research or just plain dabbling with written word for self amusement. Some one, and I won’t mention who, talked me into sharing those written words and had agreed they would clean it up, edit it carefully and present it back tome for review before publishing. The best laid plans of mice and men - as they say - didn’t work out very for me because unfortunately both of these book went to press without my final draft review, and the number of typos and mistakes and such were disappointing to me, even a little embarrassing. If I had it to do over again I would never agree to do it that way. I would insist on more editorial control and would not have allowed others to go forward with work with my name on it without proper control. But it is water under the bridge. One day - when I can find the time - I will correct all those mistakes personally and perhaps republish a second edition that will have all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted. Or maybe not. Time is something that seems to torture me. There is just never enough of it.

Do you have a new book that you are working on, and if so, can you tell us a little bit about it?

ANSWER: Every writer has a book they are working on, but - as mentioned above - never again will I allow work get off my desk until I have finished it. So perhaps we could talk about this another time.

As most people that know me know I am a strong believer in the basic Ancient Alien theory, and I have read some of the beliefs of Native American tribes. I know that you are Native American; can you tell us about your basic roots and the tribe's belief in how they got here?

ANSWER: I guess some of this in a previous answer. But to elaborate a little, my grandmother’s family was one of those eastern Cherokee groups that left the Carolinas a number of years before Andrew Jackson’s betrayal and the Trail of Tears. Those were horrible years if you know anything about Cherokee history. My people’s family were know as Old Settlers because they split from the main tribe and headed West and eventually in Northwestern Arkansas and southern Missouri. A few made their way into Oklahoma before it was designated Indian territory and even south into east Texas, where they were betrayed again, this time by the early Texans who promised them independence if they agreed not to fight against them in their war for independence with Mexico. It didn’t work out so well for them I am afraid and most of them were massacred because the Texans feared them - this after the Texans contracted them to chase the Comanche out of settler territories. They were the only ones fierce enough to do that. Anyway, I could go on far too long here, but I will add that my grandmother’s people were know as Keetowah Cherokee, the traditionalists, and my great grandfather was known as TenKiller -  name I used in the Close Encounter book.

And last but not least, what is your personal theory on the Mayan calendar/prophecy for 12-21-12? Do you think we will still be here?

ANSWER: Contrary to what many of my colleagues believe, and as a student of Maya lore, I don’t believe we have a single thing to worry about when December rolls around this year, except maybe whether you have your Christmas shopping done yet or not. Could the world end when the planets align with the great rift? Sure. The world could end tomorrow, or the day after, or any given moment for that matter. Do I believe the Maya were warning us of a cataclysmic event? No, I don’t. I spent a number of years living with and working with many Maya back in the 80s, one of them the son of a noted and powerful timekeeper/priest. I learned many things about these wonderful people, and am still confused about many more things about their ancient history. One thing I will share with is that I believe modern archeology is terribly wrong to think the Mesoamerican cultures date only a far back as 22-25 centuries - some say even less. I contend they, or their ancestors have been around for at least 5,000 years, and I suspect as much as 12,000 years or more. To the Maya, as with most ancient American cultures, their history and esoteric knowledge is their power, and they do a wonderful job of keeping it to themselves. Not even the casual members of their own cultures know what a select few of them do. I assure you this is true. And they do not like to share this with outside cultures. They even enjoy offering misinformation so as to keep people off the real track of truth. And I, for one, don’t blame them.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope that some of my blog followers have their own questions and for those of you that ask questions of Logan or have comments, your name will be put into a drawing to win one of Logan's books, Ancient Aliens of the Americas.

Logan, my husband and I look forward to watching for you on the show each Friday and shows in the future! Take care and I hope your success continues in Ancient Aliens, and in your novels! Thank You!

ANSWER: Thank you Lisa. It has been my pleasure. You have a wonderful blog!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Looking Toward The Future

I know at times it is hard to look toward the future, and not dwell on the past, especially if you have been going through a lot lately. But, I believe in looking ahead and counting your blessings, whatever they may be. You remember the old saying, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

I have a lot of stuff going on in my life, and sometimes I feel like I am on overload, but this morning I had a reflective moment and felt good about the changes and I know everything is going to be all right! I am working on the house upstairs to move up to finally having room, and an office and light! The downstairs has been depressing and crowded. I also made the decision to self-publish and I hope and pray it is the right track I am supposed to be on.

I believe in my heart that the money will come and I am trying not to stress about it. Of course, we have money issues, but it will be okay, I know it.

So, when you are having to make tough decisions, what ever they might be, stop and look at all you have and have faith in yourself to choose the right path to go down. All of you have talents and are remarkable, so look inside, the answers are there.

Leave me a comment and let me know what complex life changes you have been going through, and how you are overcoming them. You never know, you might help someone else that is on this joined on this blog to get though their issue.

One more thing before I go, Logan Hawkes will be a guest on this blog Thursday. He will be on stand by that day to answer questions that you may have or comments. Please make him feel welcome! It is a wonderful and fascinating post! If you like Native American culture, Ancient Aliens, or even are interesting the Mayan culture, this is your chance to talk to him!

Love you all, See you on Thursday!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Would You Imagine

My mind is always coming up with new ideas for books, I guess that's what happens to you when your a writer, and, of course, I can't write them write now, I am already writing a series of novels. Probably by the time I get finished with this series I'll be in my sixties and thinking of retiring...but you never know, we writers love to write!

But, I have a question for you, in fact a few. If you could write, or even make your own scifi/fantasy movie, what would your world be like? Do you like the idea of another planet and another race of people? Do you like the ships in space looking for a new world and end up devoured by monsters? Or maybe you like the urban fantasies with Vampires and Werewolf's, and the like.

Inquiring minds want to know! I do love the idea of another planet that you get there from a doorway here. I can picture a world almost desert like, with the sky a mixture of purple and blue hues and red soil. And a city just beyond the landscape pristine and magnificent. It would shine like silver from the close sun and planets would be seen in the sky, but not as stars, as planets.

I haven't thought what the inhabitants would look like, but they would be different from us. So, tell me your favorite worlds. Tell me what you love to read or watch at the movies. I would love to know what takes your imagination for a ride and wanting to come back for more.

I mean, after all, it's all about our creative thoughts flowing and making good stories. I hope you take the time to leave me a comment and let me know what you love. And don't worry, no one will steal them and what you have thought of probably has been done, but that's okay, look at how many vampire stories are out there, and they still keep coming!

On another note, yes, my guests are coming, in fact Logan's interview will be posted next Thursday so I hope all of you stop by and ask him questions or leave comments. He will be standing by that day to answer you! I think it will be fun and it's great to get to ask questions of someone who is a celebrity!

Love, Lisa

Friday, March 9, 2012

What a Week!

Busy, busy, that's the word for this last week. Between working an extra day, painting upstairs, and working on my book, I'm surprised I'm not sleeping right now. The weekend has plenty in store too. My daughter is moving, we are taking a family photo with my father at the nursing home, working on the book, continue painting, and move some of our own stuff upstairs...whew! I need a vacation!

I thought today would be a good day to post a teaser from my book. This is an introduction to another character in my book, Detective James Wood. He is not your typical cop, not by a long shot. He's rough around the edges, but has an appetite for unusual cases. I hope you enjoy! As always, would love to hear feedback whether or not you like it and any suggestions, Thanks!

Detective Wood sat at his desk reading over the file on the Barrett attack. He grabbed his pack of smokes and got as far as putting one in his mouth and a flame on the lighter before remembering. Damn it. He tossed the lighter back on his desk, but left the cigarette perched between his lips. Even after five years, old habits die hard. Stupid, stupid smoking ban.
Turning back to the file, he couldn’t get past the descriptions of the suspects. Their clothing, their eyes, and how quickly they moved. That must be it. Mrs. Barrett thought they disappeared, but maybe they left so fast it seemed like they vanished. But, then again, maybe not. A weird feeling was gnawing at the corner of his mind, despite his best efforts to ignore it. He mouthed at the file, “What if they are aliens from another world?”
There, I said it. Rather than feeling better for giving voice to his thoughts, the words nagged at him, and he tried to brush them off as a product of an over active imagination. His last wild thoughts, although right, almost cost him his career.

Thoughts? I know it still needs work, but Wood is a wonderful character and easy to like!

Love, Lisa

Monday, March 5, 2012

Do You Want To Write?

I have had some people express to me that they have always wanted to write and think it's awesome that I am doing it. I tell the story of how I got started, and then try to encourage them to do it themselves. I believe if this is something in your heart, you should follow the yearn and just do it! There have been a few that I have told my suggestions on getting started and I thought, since a few of those people are my blog friends, that I would put those suggestions in my post with the hope that it helps to get them going in the direction their heart is trying to pull them.

I don't believe that people would just say that for the sake of trying to empress me, I do believe you want to write and I want to be there for you and encourage. Whether it's writing for a release or if you have secreted stories that you want to get down on paper, take the time to do this for yourself. You will find that you love it, and also find that no one will understand it, unless of course, they like to write. But that is beside the point!

Start a Journal - If you don't already have a journal, start one. You can begin with daily events and move onto things that you like, want and even need. As you write more, you will find that you are putting your thoughts on paper, not just your calender. After a while, ideas will come to you about stories you would like to write about and start a list. That's when you can begin the writing, that is when the story that you want will begin to flow.

Join a Writing Class - This was one of the first suggestions I received when I decided to write a novel. I wish I would have listened sooner because my book would probably be published by now, but no matter, I finally did, and I am happy I did. I have met some of the best people and now some really good friends that are working toward writing or are already published authors. It doesn't have to be at a community college, there is a great website called Meetup that you can find groups that get together and work on their craft. My writing coach teaches one and I love it. That is where I met Robin, my critique partner and now her and I get together outside of the group and work on our books together and we go to writing conferences together. It's a lot of fun!

Write About Whatever You Want - Whether you like to write poetry, short stories, or want to try your hand at a novel, makes no matter, as long as you follow what it is you need to express. In the class that I'm in, there are all types of genre. One person is interested in writing children's books, another on is looking for stories from people about what lessons they have learned of the heart to put in her book. There are paranormal writers, historical fiction, poetry...well you get the picture. Follow what you want to write about and the words will land on the paper!

Do This For You - Please don't feel that what you write about is not important, it is important! And as my writing coach always says, you are important! Aspire, and inspire, I always believe, and strive for what is in my heart and try to inspire people I know to go for it! Do what it is you feel is important to you. If this is something you really want to do, don't let anyone stop you...least of all yourself.

If there is ever a time where you feel the need to talk to me about writing, or anything else for that matter, I am here for you and will encourage you to follow your heart, after all your heart never steers you wrong, your heart is your truth.

Love, Lisa

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is It Finally Spring

Whether you're a CEO ready to cut the next deal, or a writer, or even an executive assistant, today is a day we all look forward too, the first day of March! It means springs around the corner and we can all come out of hibernation.

I look forward to getting out there and hiking, and breathing in the fresh air and feeling the warm sun on my skin. To open up the windows in the house, and to sit out side and watch the birds and the mule deer in my back yard. I love spring.

Well, from what I understand we will be having some special guests on my blog this month. I did get in touch with Logan and having him as a guest is in the works! Also, two special new friends of mine have agreed to be guests this month, Lori Corsentino, and Marilyn Rice. Both of which are published authors and I hope when I have my guests that you join in and leave comments/questions in the box. There will be drawings for gifts, such as their books! I did win a drawing with Lori not to long ago and not only did she send me her book, but she gave me a nice gift.

Also this month should be a big turning point in my revisions for my novel. We are at the halfway point and the book is sounding better that ever! Plus, I will be moving soon and will have my own office, I am so excited! It will help me to get my world up on the walls. To be able to look up and keep track of the language, or a character, or even Stevie's progress. On top of all that, this Saturday begins working with my friend Mike, who is a wonderful artist, on my map of Djenrye and the cover of my book...moving right along.

This has been a fantastic trip for me, a journey of which I have learned so much, and have met some wonderful new friends along the way. The support I have received has been simply amazing! I get that you never stop learning as a writer though, and there are some great people out there that are willing to help you succeed, which is more than I could ask for.

But, the most important support system has been you. All of you who have been there cheering me on and waiting patiently for my book. You have been my biggest inspiration and I appreciate all of you. I hope that this month of new beginnings brings all of your aspirations and dreams to fruition. Never give up on what ever is driving you, and continue to reach out for people that are willing to help, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

I would love to hear what it is that you are striving for, or dreaming of. Please leave me a comment and let me know what I can do to show support for you, whether you just need some cheering or even ideas, I am returning the love. Even if there's nothing I can do but cheer, I would love to know what is driving you or even if you have reached your goal, and what it is.

I will be announcing soon my new guests, so please come and visit my blog site and show support for them on their journey's too. Stay tuned...more to come!

Love, Lisa