Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Book Series Review - Game of Thrones

Finally, this Sunday, Game of Thrones second series comes to HBO! Obviously, I am excited, and my rear will be on the couch with popcorn and chocolate, to watch the long awaited new season come to life on the screen.

I wanted to give my thoughts and revelations about these books, and I hope that those of you who haven't read them, and who like to read something different and not all 'Fluffy', to give them a try. I did, and I am hooked!

First, this is a review, so if you haven't read the series there might be a spoiler, just a warning.

The first book, in the Fire and Ice series, The Game of Thrones, written by George R. R. Martin, caught my eye when I was searching for a new read on Amazon. I ordered it and a few days later, found out my sister was recently introduced to the books by her husband, who read them years ago. She and I read through the 5 books together and were both sucked in, to never be let go! We would sit and discuss each character and had a hard time putting the books down at night, hence, being very tired at work the next day! But no matter, they were worth it, and now we try to be patient awaiting the arrival of book 6.

The first thing about the books that astonished me was the fact that each chapter was a character. Most of the first book was about the Stark family, but not all of it, and in the end, Ned gets killed and Dragons arrive. When Ned was killed I asked, why would he kill off his main character, and the answer finally came to me books later. Ned is not the protagonist, the Realm is.

This is new, well at least to me. I have never read a book that the entire realm was the main character in a series, and the amazing thing is, it works! In fact, thousands are addicted to these books now, and they are fast becoming more and more popular.

The next thing that literally drew me into an emotional frenzy, was the fact that these books are far from, "and they live happily ever after". So far in fact that you find yourself praying for characters survival, wanting revenge against other characters, marveling at the magic and the different religions the writer came up with, and being fascinated how the author never misses a beat. There are so many characters that you wonder how in the world he has kept them all straight and given each one such richness and individuality...remarkable to say the least.

You will laugh, cry, ponder, smile, be afraid, and believe me you will experience completely, a new world. A dark world, where there is death, destruction, love, compassion, companionship, growth, survival, you name it, its in the books.

I hope those of you who would love to sink your teeth into something new, something more real than the books of today, then give these books a try. You don't have to be big on fantasy books to become addicted to the series, just big on wanting something more in your reading. I have been truly inspired by them and I hope you give them a chance and read them yourselves.

Take care all, Winter is Coming...



  1. Great post!

    I would love to read these books, but I'm afraid. I might get so distracted and sucked in that I will want to do nothing else. This happens when I read. It's well known that I can get lost in a world. My family has threatened to put me in literary rehab.

    I will get around to reading this series...I promise!


  2. Promises, promises, just kidding! I hope you do, they are great books! Thanks for the post!