Monday, March 5, 2012

Do You Want To Write?

I have had some people express to me that they have always wanted to write and think it's awesome that I am doing it. I tell the story of how I got started, and then try to encourage them to do it themselves. I believe if this is something in your heart, you should follow the yearn and just do it! There have been a few that I have told my suggestions on getting started and I thought, since a few of those people are my blog friends, that I would put those suggestions in my post with the hope that it helps to get them going in the direction their heart is trying to pull them.

I don't believe that people would just say that for the sake of trying to empress me, I do believe you want to write and I want to be there for you and encourage. Whether it's writing for a release or if you have secreted stories that you want to get down on paper, take the time to do this for yourself. You will find that you love it, and also find that no one will understand it, unless of course, they like to write. But that is beside the point!

Start a Journal - If you don't already have a journal, start one. You can begin with daily events and move onto things that you like, want and even need. As you write more, you will find that you are putting your thoughts on paper, not just your calender. After a while, ideas will come to you about stories you would like to write about and start a list. That's when you can begin the writing, that is when the story that you want will begin to flow.

Join a Writing Class - This was one of the first suggestions I received when I decided to write a novel. I wish I would have listened sooner because my book would probably be published by now, but no matter, I finally did, and I am happy I did. I have met some of the best people and now some really good friends that are working toward writing or are already published authors. It doesn't have to be at a community college, there is a great website called Meetup that you can find groups that get together and work on their craft. My writing coach teaches one and I love it. That is where I met Robin, my critique partner and now her and I get together outside of the group and work on our books together and we go to writing conferences together. It's a lot of fun!

Write About Whatever You Want - Whether you like to write poetry, short stories, or want to try your hand at a novel, makes no matter, as long as you follow what it is you need to express. In the class that I'm in, there are all types of genre. One person is interested in writing children's books, another on is looking for stories from people about what lessons they have learned of the heart to put in her book. There are paranormal writers, historical fiction, poetry...well you get the picture. Follow what you want to write about and the words will land on the paper!

Do This For You - Please don't feel that what you write about is not important, it is important! And as my writing coach always says, you are important! Aspire, and inspire, I always believe, and strive for what is in my heart and try to inspire people I know to go for it! Do what it is you feel is important to you. If this is something you really want to do, don't let anyone stop you...least of all yourself.

If there is ever a time where you feel the need to talk to me about writing, or anything else for that matter, I am here for you and will encourage you to follow your heart, after all your heart never steers you wrong, your heart is your truth.

Love, Lisa


  1. Great Ideas Lisa, I've always doodled with words, as I call my style of writing, I close my eyes and just imagine myself somewhere and then I write about it, Its always been a release of mine.


  2. yes April, absolutely! What ever it is, it's your release and it works for you!

  3. Lisa, this is a great post. I totally agree. The best thing I've ever done is to join Janet's writing group. It was the strangest thing that only a week before I got the MeetUp! invite that I had an inspiration for a story. Once I joined the group, my idea took off and now I have a completed manuscript, in revisions, that I hope to get on the publishing track soon. I have two more stories whirling in my brain and have been getting scenes (as they come to me) on paper. I have written two short stories, one of which won second place in a contest (I'm going to submit it and the other one to another contest soon).

    I met you, which has been wonderful, as well as many others as a result of our meeting and of being in the MeetUp! group. Your feedback and support has been so valuable.

    My only regret is that I did not pursue this when I was younger. I knew I should have, but turned my back on it to pursue something that I thought would provide me with a more static income. HIndsight is 20/20, but it does no good to dwell on the past, so I'm moving forward now and I'm going to get published!

    How's that for positive thinking? -Robin

  4. That's perfect for positive thinking! Thanks for your post and I'm glad we met and became friends too!