Friday, March 9, 2012

What a Week!

Busy, busy, that's the word for this last week. Between working an extra day, painting upstairs, and working on my book, I'm surprised I'm not sleeping right now. The weekend has plenty in store too. My daughter is moving, we are taking a family photo with my father at the nursing home, working on the book, continue painting, and move some of our own stuff upstairs...whew! I need a vacation!

I thought today would be a good day to post a teaser from my book. This is an introduction to another character in my book, Detective James Wood. He is not your typical cop, not by a long shot. He's rough around the edges, but has an appetite for unusual cases. I hope you enjoy! As always, would love to hear feedback whether or not you like it and any suggestions, Thanks!

Detective Wood sat at his desk reading over the file on the Barrett attack. He grabbed his pack of smokes and got as far as putting one in his mouth and a flame on the lighter before remembering. Damn it. He tossed the lighter back on his desk, but left the cigarette perched between his lips. Even after five years, old habits die hard. Stupid, stupid smoking ban.
Turning back to the file, he couldn’t get past the descriptions of the suspects. Their clothing, their eyes, and how quickly they moved. That must be it. Mrs. Barrett thought they disappeared, but maybe they left so fast it seemed like they vanished. But, then again, maybe not. A weird feeling was gnawing at the corner of his mind, despite his best efforts to ignore it. He mouthed at the file, “What if they are aliens from another world?”
There, I said it. Rather than feeling better for giving voice to his thoughts, the words nagged at him, and he tried to brush them off as a product of an over active imagination. His last wild thoughts, although right, almost cost him his career.

Thoughts? I know it still needs work, but Wood is a wonderful character and easy to like!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hi there!
    If this is the first time you have introduced him I think you need more about him than the fact that he's a smoker. First name? Rough age? wearing? hair? glasses? married? divorced? Possibly a few more adjectives giving more detail in the initial description. Just my humble opinion!

  2. Thanks Marilyn, Yes, the page continues on with his discriptions, plus he has been intro duced before now. Sorry, that is in other parts of the book. Thanks, I should have given more about him.

  3. I meant an introduction to you bloggers.

  4. Awesome, sis. I always worry with you share snippets they won't come off as well out of context. Thanks for proving me wrong . . . again!

  5. I love Det. Wood. He's like a scruffy, older version of Mulder from the X-files. I agree with Lady M about the description, but I have the advantage of having read more about him, so I know that you've included that in other passages.

    I think this one stands well on it's own. It's really a look into his thought process on the case. But, again, I know what's going on.

    Ooh,'s like putting a taste of something on a plate and hoping that your guests want the whole meal!