Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Would You Imagine

My mind is always coming up with new ideas for books, I guess that's what happens to you when your a writer, and, of course, I can't write them write now, I am already writing a series of novels. Probably by the time I get finished with this series I'll be in my sixties and thinking of retiring...but you never know, we writers love to write!

But, I have a question for you, in fact a few. If you could write, or even make your own scifi/fantasy movie, what would your world be like? Do you like the idea of another planet and another race of people? Do you like the ships in space looking for a new world and end up devoured by monsters? Or maybe you like the urban fantasies with Vampires and Werewolf's, and the like.

Inquiring minds want to know! I do love the idea of another planet that you get there from a doorway here. I can picture a world almost desert like, with the sky a mixture of purple and blue hues and red soil. And a city just beyond the landscape pristine and magnificent. It would shine like silver from the close sun and planets would be seen in the sky, but not as stars, as planets.

I haven't thought what the inhabitants would look like, but they would be different from us. So, tell me your favorite worlds. Tell me what you love to read or watch at the movies. I would love to know what takes your imagination for a ride and wanting to come back for more.

I mean, after all, it's all about our creative thoughts flowing and making good stories. I hope you take the time to leave me a comment and let me know what you love. And don't worry, no one will steal them and what you have thought of probably has been done, but that's okay, look at how many vampire stories are out there, and they still keep coming!

On another note, yes, my guests are coming, in fact Logan's interview will be posted next Thursday so I hope all of you stop by and ask him questions or leave comments. He will be standing by that day to answer you! I think it will be fun and it's great to get to ask questions of someone who is a celebrity!

Love, Lisa


  1. I watched the Wizard of Oz with my kids last night and as childish as it seems, a world that is over the rainbow seems intriguing to me. A world like ours except brighter and more beautiful. I like the idea of a dreamland - or a place you can only get to in your dreams.

  2. That's an awesome thought, I would have never thought of that! I agree, it would be nice to have a world like that!

  3. You know that I'm a vampire girl. I like the paranormal world that comes with that whole genre. But I also like the thought of other mystical creatures like fairies and elves. The land would have to be soft, lush, and green; both beautiful and sinister. I think it would be fun to throw a whole bunch of supernatural beings together and stir them up.

  4. Sounds a little Irish to me, it must be in your blood! I agree though, that's a little like my world, mainly the last part. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I love that kind of a world!

  5. My world doesn't have any conflict and it is strickingly beautiful - much like our world without the corruption, but you get to explore and wonder and sit in awe with each new discovery that doesn't end. It would make a boring story without conflict, so I don't write it.