Monday, May 7, 2012

Is There Such A Thing As Aliens?

I believe in Aliens-there I said it. For those of you that think I'm crazy and want to ignore my post, you may. But, it would be nice if you took a moment to hear me out.

More and more people believe in the existence of Ancient Aliens that came to our world and either helped the human race, or even had a hand in creating the humans we are today, not cave dwellers and nomads. There are also those who believe they are still among us, and for different reasons. Maybe they saw something they couldn't explain, or study unexplained history, or maybe even, like me, think it makes more sense than the history we've been taught.

The reason I chose to write a blog about Aliens is because they will eventually be a part of my series, and it's fun to write about them and add to your story. But, I do believe. I find the subject fascinating, and not to mention interesting. I watch Ancient Aliens each week and the questions that are asked are intriguing, not to mention the proof that is right in front of our faces. Paintings from centuries ago with alien ships in the sky. Journals written with experiences of aliens and alien ships. Hieroglyphs found with aliens and ships, belief systems (religions) based on the star people, or the Syrian stories from 12000,00 yr old scripts. Of course, there is also monuments that were built thousands of years ago, especially the ones up on the side of a mountain in Peru, or even the pyramids, that defy explanation as to how the people of that day managed to move and place blocks weighing several tons.   

I could go on and on, but if you ever take the time to watch the show or read about some of these ancient sites or scripts, you will know what I mean. Another point I would like to make is there are scientists that believe as I do, also. Rocket scientists, engineers, astronomers, astronauts, pilots, presidents, a lot of famous and or credible people. In fact, over 60% of the population believe in Extra-Terrestrials, not just me.

So, the next time you are looking up at the sky, take a moment to really look. Maybe you will see something you can't explain, or maybe you already have. I do know some people personally that know the truth and have enlightened me with information, some of which is, or was at some point, classified. This is a wonderful and intriguing subject and I'm glad I could share it with my fellow blog friends.

So leave me a comment and let me know, do you believe? Have you ever seen anything that has led you to think it was a UFO story? Don't be embarrassed or shy, I would love to hear what you have to say on the subject. It gets my creative juices flowing!

I hope to see your comments soon, Lisa


  1. I will never say that I believe that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. I think that is awfully narrow minded. However, I am not sure what I believe when it comes to 'aliens' living among us on earth. That seems a little far fetched to me. Until I see it I guess I can only hear the stories of others and take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Instead of taking it with a grain of salt, you should look at the history and the facts that are available. There is too much proof to believe other wise. There are encounter stories going back thousands of years, and even in the recent past when we didn't even have airplanes and the like. I have some great books for you to read about factual accounts!

  3. We may or may not ever know fully the secrets, wonders and stories of the universe, but to say that we are the only intelligence is naive.

    Whether they are aliens or angels or something else, I believe we are not alone.

    We've talked about this and I think we have like but different takes on the subject. There are things in history and myth that have been explained poorly, leaving it open to doubt and imagination.

    That's what's truly fun!