Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember our Fallen Heroes

Today will be a busy day at the Golden VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Everyone will be dressed in their post uniforms, and then heading out to set up the flags this morning. At 11:00 they will go to the Golden cemetery with their honor guard who has been practicing twice a week for months, to honor our fallen soldiers buried there and also for the brave men and women across the country. Every time I go to work, I have the honor of being surrounded with some of our country's veterans. Yes, sometimes it is just another day on the job, but most of the time I am reminded of the faithful service they performed for this country.

I usually work on weekends and there is always the hustle and bustle of setting up the halls for events and cooking huge amounts of food. The events are not always post related, such as post meetings, award ceremonies, voting in new commanders, home board meetings, events to raise money for the post, and even an award ceremony for a scholarship program that was for high school students. The students wrote an essay on their appreciation of what the veterans meant to them. My husband and I volunteered to serve the veterans from all over our state and the students that night. We listened to the wonderful essays and the one that won the award, had many of the vets in tears of remembrance.

I am very proud to know all of them, and quite a few have become my friends. When my father died recently, they were there for me. My father was a veteran of the Korean conflict. Even though he never made it to the front lines, his job was to help load the cargo that would be transported to the soldiers. Several of the post members dressed in their uniforms and came out to Ft Logan to honor my father and present the flag to my mother. I cannot express how much that meant to me and my family.

Since I started working there one year ago, we have had quite a few new young members join the post. They have become invaluable to the VFW, volunteering of their time every week. We also have a lot of the women from the ladies auxiliary, who volunteer each week to cook for the post and for any event, and set up the halls, and run the raffles, ect... Their dedication to each other, the family's and to the post amazes me. Every thing that is done there is done by volunteers. No one gets paid, yet they continue week after week showing their support to the post. They really are one big family.

At 3:00 today, the nation has been asked by congress to bow your heads in a moment of silence and remember what this day truly means. To honor our men and women who fought and died for this great country. I know most of you will be enjoying the extra time off to spend with your family with BBQ's, camping, taking the kids to the park, and what ever it is you and your family loves to do on this long weekend. But, please remember our fallen soldiers and the ones that survived the wars of this country. They have given all so that we can enjoy our wonderful weekend. They are the reason we have the freedoms that we so often forget.

I will be serving some of our vets today and also giving them a hug and thanking them for their service to this country. I will also proudly bow my head at 3:00 in silence and I hope that all of you do the same. Our warriors have not forgotten, and neither should we. This is what this day is for.

Love, Lisa


  1. Awesome post Lisa. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Robin! I hope that you remembered, I am sure you did since there are a lot of Vets in your family!