Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Close

The anxious gear is on high, a straight shot to the end of the road, my speed accelerates, only to be met with a curve that slows down my momentum. Yes, that's what it feels like to be so close to getting my book ready to publish. Obstacles, such as, taking two weeks to finish one chapter, motivating my cover artist to start sending me drafts of the art, and the one that is killing me the most-the name of my book and my series! UGH!

It is so hard to come up with a title. My sister and I have brainstormed, my husband and I have brainstormed, and now my daughter and I (sending texts back and forth) have brainstormed! You ask, what could be so hard about it?

First, there is the copyright infringement to worry about, then the title sounding like an old 'B' rate movie, and the fact that no matter what you think of, there are thousands of books with that title, or at least part of that title. Not to mention, this is a series, so they all have to coincide with each other.What to do?

We have made lists of words that have something to do with the book. Such as, Guardian, Qwest, Orb, Shield, Ancient and so on. We have played with the words, like putting them together to see how they sound, and then bouncing them off on each other. There is always one of us that doesn't like it. Then when we like one, we go to the Amazon site and put it in, only to find out that title is pretty common. I even went to Goodreads and saw the list of the one hundred best titles and thought, now why can't I come up with something cool like To Kill a Mockingbird, or Hunger Games, or Game of Thrones. It's got to come to fruition don't you think? With four of us working on it?

Well, there is one thing I can do, ask all of you. If only I had it narrowed down to a few ideas, I could put it to a vote, but I don't even have that. So, if any of you come up with something that you want to bounce off me, please feel free. I am hoping that within the next week I can have a list of the best ideas so far and then ask all of you for your favorite.

Please drop me a line or comment and give me some ideas. Just remember, nothing that screams 'B' rate or is typical, like The Last Guardian, (which was my original name).

Thanks for the support and I can't wait to hear your ideas!

Love, Lisa


  1. There's no copyright on titles! It needs to be short, poignant and relevant. Name of main character? Heat? If . . .? The ...Time? Heroic?
    valiant? it does help if you know what the books about!

  2. It's a fantasy fiction, and she is the guardian in her world. A world she just found out about. I was told you do have to be careful for copyright sake if it is famous. Thanks for your insight Lady M.

  3. I am happy to report I cam up with the titles yesterday! Finally can get back to my regular brain!