Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome Sandra Sookoo

Today’s guest, Sandra Sookoo, is a seasoned author of romance novels. She writes her sizzling romance with the touch of history, sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal. She’s a wonderful lady and a great story teller. Please welcome her by asking some questions or leaving comments. There will be a drawing for one of her books, so get your name in there!

Sandra, first off I would love to know a little about you. Are you married? Kids?

Hi and thanks for having me on your blog!  I am married. Getting ready to celebrate my tenth wedding anniversary in December this year. No kids, not even any pets.  Both my husband and I are busy people and really enjoy being married and doing our own thing.

When did you decide to start writing for a living and why?

I’ve always puttered with writing, ever since I was ten and wrote my first “epic fantasy” using the kids in the neighborhood LOL But it wasn’t until 2007 when I got laid off from the real estate industry when the economy tanked that I got serious about making writing my career.  With my husband’s encouragement, I took the first steps on that path.  It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

It seems like you have loads of books under your belt, how many novels do you have published?

LOL I haven’t taken a recent count but I think it’s around 40 or so.  I always like to have something for every reader so I write across genres with varying heat levels.

Have you ever had a ‘normal job’?

Oh yes. Since high school I worked in the real estate industry. But when the chance to ditch “cube world” and do something I love came up, I took it!

Tell us about your book, Winging It? It looks interesting, and not to mention…HOT!

This book has a little bit of everything: humor, paranormal, contemporary, a dog and a hot military hero.  Dev doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see so when he crashes into the heroine Lia in his front yard while walking his dog.

You can watch the book video here:
Here’s the blurb:  Joy and despair, light and dark, you can’t have one without the other.
Devlin Addams has recently returned home from Afghanistan.  Haunted by memories that he survived the fighting while his buddies didn't, as well as chased by the knowledge his mom is crazy, he’s having trouble acclimating himself to civilian life. Now, armed with a dog and a therapist, he constantly battles the urge to end it all.
Lia Farry—because her Fae name is a mouthful—has tumbled into the Mortal Realm through the Veil between worlds by mysterious circumstances.  Thrust into a new and harsh human existence, finding anything to be happy about is hard. If she can’t go home, she’ll have to make it work.
Forced to interact, Dev’s protective instincts kick in, but he’s unprepared for the onslaught of lust Lia represents.  He wants a normal life but not at the expense of getting involved.  Lia knows she soothes his torment yet she’s battling her own problems. Desiring Dev is a dangerous prospect.  Add in a meddling Fae queen and suddenly life as they know it will change forever.  Love is at stake.  A leap of faith is all they have to depend on.
You can buy WINGING IT by clicking the following links:

Purple Sword Publications:


All Romance ebooks:

I know you love Walt Disney World, but where else do you like to travel or fun things you like to do?

For fun I love to bake and cook.  I’m also a big fan of zoos all over the country, so my husband and I often pop into zoos and aquariums wherever we go.

Do you like to help fellow authors by giving advice or help them find their sizzle?

I offer critiques and pointers, and give encouragement too. Everyone has to start somewhere and a little bit of help goes a long way.

Thank you so much for answering my questions and letting us get to know you better. I am looking forward to reading some of your books!

You can also find Sandra at either of these sites:

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Stop by Sandra’s website and blog to take a look at her fun novels and don’t forget to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for joining me on my blog Sandra! I am excited about reading some of your books! I hope my friends join in! I can't believe you have written over 40 books in such a short time! That is amazing to say the least. I am jealous, and wish I could stay home and write. What a wonderful career!

  2. Sandra, is it hard to step back to reality, after you have been in your books world for years...? are there times when there are many parells and both worlds. lend together a little bit...

  3. Hi Sandra and welcome! I'm looking forward to reading 'Winging It.' it sounds like a great read. I'm a big fan of zoos as well and recently visited an animal sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado that is so awesome! If you ever get the chance you should vist.

    What advise would you give someone like me, who is in the revision stage of what I hope is my debut novel?

    Thanks for guesting on Lisa's blog!

  4. Hi April :-) Hmm, my reality and my characters' reality... Sometimes when I'm writing comedy and humor, those lines get real blurry lol But I think there's always a little bit of the author in every book they write :-)

  5. Hi RG. Well, they always say the best books are told in the rewrites, so I say keep plugging on. There is not a writer among us that doesn't have to do revisions. The best thing you can do is have confidence in your work and send your baby out into the world :-) Good luck!

  6. this sounds like a different sort of read. keep up the good work. enjoy your zoos. which animal is your favourite. mines a giraffe

  7. Hi Sandra, great interview! You're one of the authors I admire!

  8. Hi Julie! I like writing different sorts of books ;-) My favorite animal? The elephant. Big cats come a close second.

  9. Hi Lizzie! Thanks for that shot in the arm :-)

  10. Hi Lisa,
    I have just read the interview with Sandra Sookoo and found it very interesting and informative.
    I really enjoyed it.

  11. Thanks Patricia, and welcome aboard! I hope to have more writers as guests soon!