Thursday, June 28, 2012

A New Character From My Book-The Antagonist

Time for a new excerpt from my book, Fable. This time I thought I would let you met the bad guy, the one with the evil plan. He is not only evil, he's intelligent and determined. His plan is to not only control the Djen, but to destroy our side of the portal.

Torren is strong, beautiful, relentless, patient and cunning. This is his first intro in the book and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think of him and don't forget I welcome critique, I am still in the re-write process.

Fire light bounced off the cavern walls, shimmering as it glinted across pockets of condensation. Shadows of men huddled around a campfire created dancing giants on the earth and stones behind them. The earthen packed floor muffled Warrior Teig’s entrance, yet Torren heard every step. Respect, mingled with fear, sent the warrior down on one knee, head bowed, before the Leader of the Rebellion.
            Torren looked down as his young recruit, biding the time until the man showed signs of discomfort. Only then did Torren speak. “You may stand, Teig. What is your news?”
            Teig rose to full height, still half a head shorter than the Leader, yet his eyes remained downcast. “Entek has arrived. He awaits entry at your word.”
            “Send him to my private chamber.” Torren left the great room to move down a cold, damp tunnel, lit with torches set in sconces. The sides of the passageway gave way at irregular intervals to separate rooms—soldiers’ quarters, supplies, pantry, eating area, kitchen, and armory—dug by hand, tools…and dark magic. A magic so sinister that the soldiers expressed fear, Torren heard in whispers, to enter many of the rooms.
The head of the Rebellion continued down the make-shift hallway until it ended at his private chamber. A frame constructed of beams of black oak had been pounded into the sandstone walls. The frame supported a thick door made from the same wood. This afforded Torren solitude and security. He opened the door using a series of incantations and gestures, taught to him by a Magi he had promised to free. Death is one form of freedom. The Magi should have been more specific with his bargaining.
Inside, a fire in the center of the room remained lit at all times. Another friendly gesture from the Magi.
Torren positioned himself at the end of the sturdy oak table which had a full view of the door. To his right, a feather bed remained hidden behind a wall of silk, and beyond that, a secondary exit concealed behind tapestry.
As Torren waited for his strategist to arrive, he filled a silver mug with ale and plucked an apple from the bowl next to the pitcher. He savored the fruit, kept sweet and crunchy by the cool storage. Little luxuries can be found, even in exile. The apple raised, Torren forwent the next bite when the door swung open. Damn sorcerer. But Torren kept the thought to himself.
            Entek entered. Layered robes, embroidered with intricate runes unknown to Torren, flowed over the sorcerer’s feet, giving the illusion that he floated rather than walked. Torren watched the ageless man, braided black hair draped down his back, fingers entwined in front of him, long milky white nails overlapped to the wrist. The man stopped in front of Torren in a rustle of silk. He nodded once, a slight smile crinkled the edge of his mouth, and his eyes twinkled with different colored lights.
Torren motioned Entek to join him at the table, but the sorcerer chose instead to glide to the fire, and gaze into the flames.
            Restraining a retort at the rudeness, Torren poured a cup of ale for his guest and brought both mugs to the fire. Before he moved to the other side of the blaze, Torren set the drink beside Entek. The alchemist swayed slightly from side to side, eye lids slit, a low hum reverberating from him. The flames rose and danced in harmony with the vibrations, while Torren forced himself to patiently wait for the end of the meditation.
            “What is your purpose for your summons of me, Torren, leader of the Rebels?” With the words, the fire diminished to a low burn.
A spasm of nerves, a skipped heart beat, a caught breath. Torren had waited for this moment for five moon phases. He knew that Entek traveled a thousand miles from his home in Dangrial for this meeting. Torren thought carefully how he would answer. To summon a sorcerer is to invite dark and dangerous power, but Torren craved any advantage that could be gained against his opposition—the leaders of the three cities and their warriors. Aid from one skilled in the dark arts could be a means to take control of Djenrye and the Ortehs.
            “I summoned you to join the Rebellion. It is said that your art as a conjurer is strong and your hatred of our common enemy, even stronger. I have gathered information that may be of benefit to both our causes. Yours: Annihilation of the council; mine: Control of the Ortehs and the destruction of Terra-hun. Our joined forces will ensure the achievement of our goals. Together we will be the new leaders of Djenrye.”

Well, again, I hope you liked it. Have a great weekend!
Love, Lisa

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Rain Forest of British Columbia

The last few months my sister and I have been researching the rain forest in BC. Not because it is a pretty place, although it truly is a fantasy brought to life, but because my heroine and her friends end up there searching for an Orb: An Orb that is tied to her in blood and spirit.

Of course, the more we look at the area, the more we dream of visiting there, but that is not the reason I am bringing this to your attention. It is to make you aware of the dangers that this area faces every day, and has for years. Between loggers wanting to cut down the trees there that are over a thousand years old, salmon hatcheries that threaten to release a bacteria into the wild and kill the normal salmon in the area, and a pipeline they want to run through there, the one area that is untouched by the destructive human hand.

The area is the wildest place in North America and is home to the spirit bear. A rare abnormality that runs in the black bears genes in that area and produces a white bear. This is the only place on earth that the 'Kermode' bear exists. In fact it is so rare, that only one in 40 to 100 black bears is born a white bear. The islands that the Spirit bear live are Princess Royal Island and Gribbell Island.

The one thing that does stand in the way of progress is 8 aboriginal tribes in the area that fight to protect and preserve the islands. You can visit the area, but you must have a guide from one of the tribes. One other thing that protects the bears is it is a 100,000 fine from the government of Canada, if you kill one of these bears. Thank God there are some protections for these bears and the untamed wilderness there.

I cam across a video I would love to share with all of you put on the site of one of the tribes there, the Kitasec Xai' Xais. They live in a village close to Princess Royal Island called Klemtu and the name of their island is Swindle Island. I tried to upload the video, but again my un-expertise in computers held me back, so I am posting the link to their site. I hope you go to the site and enjoy the video. It is wonderful and you can also join them on Facebook and 'like' their page.

Well, that's all for today. I hope all of you have a wonderful week, Please leave me a comment and let me know if you saw the video and what you thought about this area. It has been fun researching it and dreaming of the day I can visit this rare and beautiful place.

Love Lisa

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Writing Day

Finally a day I can relax and sit back and write. But first I have to do all my social media contacts, then I can sit back and write. Well, then I have to eat some breakfast and feed the dog, the I can write, right? Oh, wait a minute, I need to write a new blog post, then I can take a peek at my book, I think.

But, wait...I need to get in the shower and go pay bills and get grocery's before it's to hot outside to drive. My car doesn't have air conditioning, then I can write. Maybe.

After I get back I need to check my blog post to see if anyone might have commented, and I have to go though my Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget email, then I can write. Now, I'm to tired to write!

I really need more time on my days off! This is my typical writing days, in a nut shell. Yes, today is one of those days, but I decided I better write since I am so close to finishing the re-write and need to start all over again. Only 5-6 more chapters and the re-write is done, then revisions, then an editor.

I really need to get it in gear, so I guess today will be a short blog, with a few whines, and a lot of heart. I will be having a new guest soon and probably post a new excerpt, just not today. Today is a WRITING DAY!

Have a great weekend all, Lisa

Monday, June 18, 2012

Other Dimensions

Are there other dimensions? An age old question, one no one has answers for. Although, there are quite a few theories and not to mention ideas as to what another dimension would be like. 

There is the theory that there are millions of parallel worlds out there, some will make the same decisions that we do in this world, some will take a different path and have a whole new outcome, but there are millions of us, our clones, living almost the same life as our own.

A new theory that I heard recently is when any matter enters a black hole it is spit out on the other side in a new dimension, in essence, creating a new dimension, and that is how our world became in existence. There are actual scientists looking for answers to these questions.

Some believe there are portals to different worlds, and even different dimensions right here on earth. That is how aliens enter our world and disappear also. The Native Americans believe in such portals. Different tribes believe in different portals and what happens when you step through them. A portal underground, or one in the side of a rock, but they lead to their Gods, the Star Gods.

Native Americans believe they came from the star people. They are their ancestors, and certain tribes believe they came from underground and found their way to the sky. Others believe they were dropped off here. But, what ever way they reached the earth, they are from the stars. 

In my novel I decided to have my other world parallel to ours and in another dimension. You can walk through one of three portals, strategically placed here on earth, and enter the Djenrye world. Not any one can do so though, only those who have the blood of a Guardian, or at least a vial of that type of blood, can pass back and forth through the two worlds. This is how the Djen have traveled back and forth for millenia; to have access to information about us, and to watch us closely. 

During travels thousands of years ago, ancient peoples in our world saw the Djen and thus the fable of the Djen was born, and grew into something different than what they truly are. After all, this is how most fables are started, isn't it? There are some facts behind each one. 

Several months ago I talked with a woman from a Buddhist temple who seemed fascinated with my book. She believes in portals and talked of a certain one in California somewhere. I too believe there are doorways to other worlds that we have not stumbled upon, or there are those that have and have disappeared, never to be seen again. Logan Hawkes talked about this possibility in his novels and also here on this blog when he was my guest. 

What do you believe? Are there portals to other worlds or dimensions? Is there something to the Bermuda triangle or the other triangles here on earth? Could aliens use these to travel back and forth? 

I have had so much fun creating my world of the Djen. The possibilities are endless and the world I have created is one I would want to live in. One where magic is part of the every day life. People only take from the earth of that they would only use and give back for all. You can run as fast as a cheetah and jump through trees as though you were a monkey, a very fast monkey. 

I hope that when my book is published you will join me in this wonderful world. I would love to have you on my journey and enjoy the world I have created.

Please leave me a comment on your thoughts of portals and other dimensions. I know there is a lot of information on this subject and I would have to write a book in order to barely touch the amount of information out there. So just a little musing instead, hopefully to get your juices flowing and to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the time, Lisa

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Witness - A Review

I Don't know if the any of you are Nora Roberts fans, but I have liked a lot of the books she's written, at least the one's I have read. Yes, she has been around for a while, but I think her writing has gotten better and better through the years. When I first read her books I was drawn to her trilogies...imagine that, me liking trilogies, but anyway, I did enjoy the 4 different trilogies of hers, and after that, I read a lot of her other books.

She is a good story teller, and her books always had me wanting to turn the page and staying up later than I wanted to so I could finish just one more chapter. I think most people associate her with strictly romance, but that is not true. She tells stories of folklore, witches, ghosts, just to name a few, and of course, there is usually a couple that ends up together.

Even though my books are a fantasy story, there too is a love relationship. If you have never read her, you should give her a try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The book I recently read of her's is the new one she just released, The Witness. 
Great story, I really enjoyed it! Her main character witnesses a murder and ends up on the run for years. It kept me turning the page and I give it a 4 and a half out of 5 stars. I don't want to give away to much of the book, but I really enjoyed the characters and the plot. It didn't move to fast, and gave the right amount of detail, not over the top. 

I would recommend this book to my family and friends and I think that most of them would like it as much as I did. I know most of you men are saying, "I'm not reading a Nora Roberts book", but if you don't want to give it a chance, then try her JD Robb series. They are about murder, which I like a good mystery also.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you like Nora, and have read any of her novels. I would like to hear your thoughts. And, if you get a chance, download one of her books and try it, I think you will like it!

Until next time, Lisa

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Found Gadgets and Web-Sites

The last few weeks I have found myself reading about new ways to implement Social Media to help me with this platform journey, and I received a Nook for Mother's day. Now, a new contraption I've had to learn how to operate. there's just no hiding the fact that I didn't grow up in the computer age, that's for sure!

I am very excited to have gotten a Nook, now I can experience what it would be like when people will download my book. That was the reason I wanted one, plus I wanted to learn how to use one. Once I figured it all out I found it really is an easy gadget to work and to download on. I have found myself downloading a few too many times, and now have a bunch of books I need to read. I do have to say though, I miss buying physical books. I am one of those people who likes the feel of a book, and after I finish it, I enjoy having it on my shelves, and if I feel like it, reading it again. I also like to trade books with friends and family, we have been doing that for years.

I now have read two books on it, and halfway through a third. At first my eyes and brain had a hard time adjusting to it, but I finally did and I can carry it with me where ever I go, If I so choose. It really is a fun gadget and I'm glad that I have one, but I will still buy the 'books' I want for my shelves. I just can't say no! There are certain books that need to be in the honor spot, as I so deem it.

The next thing I have been learning is how to reach out to more people for my platform. I have met some really nice people, and some of them very helpful. A lot of them, writers themselves who are in the same boat as me. How does this whole marketing and Social Media work?! I joined three writing groups on LinkedIn. They have been so wonderful and supportive. Several have joined my blog, and I want to thank you so much for that, it means the world to me. I have also reciprocated and have really liked a lot of their blogs as well. Some do not have blogs and have set up fan pages on Facebook, and I have 'liked' them also. I feel very fortunate to have met all these new writers, and look forward to getting to know them better.

The next thing on this road to Social Media, is tags and hash tags. I know most of you are now laughing and saying, "Your just now learning what those are?",  But, again, I am new to all of this and I have to have people show me how to do things, I am a visual learner. I am learning though and have implemented tags on my blog posts.

After that I want to learn how to make a book trailer. I think that would be cool to have! If any of you know how to do that, feel free to drop me a line or a book on 'how to', I would love to know how to do that. I will be adding a fan page one day too.

So you see, this is becoming a never ending road and I am learning all the time. Those of you that are helping me, God bless you, I know I am a pain in the arse, but I appreciate your patience and guidance.

Thanks again for becoming my new internet friends, I appreciate all of you. And, thank you to my family and friends who seem to not give up on me, you are the best!

don't forget to drop me a comment and let me know your trials on this platforming road, we are in this together!

Love, Lisa

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teaser Time Again

Well, it's been a while since I posted a teaser from my book. I don't like to give to much away, but I love to hear comments from all of you. Yes, my book is still a work in progress so forgive the boo boo's. I have not gone through a second time yet in revisions, but any critiques you want to offer is fine. I will be working on the chapter again in the next few months.

This is from chapter three and I hope you like it. Stevie is my heroine and Jack is one of her best friends.

Instead of heading straight home after their last class, Jack talked Stevie into going to lunch at the local hangout. Since both were seniors, they finished with classes early, and besides, the diner was just across the street from the school. The lunch crowd had died down a bit, and Jack found an empty booth in the far corner. He ordered his customary burger and fries, and Stevie added, “Make that two.” As the waitress left, Stevie turned her attention to Jack to find a grin had formed on his lips.
            “What’s up, Jack?” Stevie asked.
            “Nothin’ really—just, my mom let slip that I’m getting an iPad for graduation.”
            Stevie fidgeted in her seat. “Wow, an iPad? I thought your new car was your graduation present?”
            “I thought so too, but I guess my dad is over the top about me being accepted to DU.” he shrugged his shoulders. “Besides, I think I did good.”
            Stevie smirked. “Of course you did, but they are really going all out…” A sharp pain stopped her in mid-sentence. “Ow…” She slammed the palms of her hands against her forehead; disoriented by an onslaught of vertigo. Opening her eyes a slit, she saw Jack’s lips moving, but his voice was faint; as if he were far away. Everything went dark. Stevie felt herself wrenched backward, and then a sudden halt forced her eyes open. The pain in her head was gone, but so was the restaurant.
            Stevie was in a forest; one she did not recognize. She opened and closed her eyes to see if this was real, but the scene before her never wavered. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. The ground began to vibrate below her feet, followed by the sounds of hooves coming fast. Moving off the path, she managed to back against a tree, before fear immobilized her.
A massive black horse sped past; its feathered fetlocks kicked up a great dust cloud. It bore two riders, a man and a very pregnant woman. Stevie blinked in disbelief. Suddenly, she found herself on the horse watching the trees fly by in a blur. The unexpected change in location, made Stevie grab for the pommel in panic; a panic that increased when she found herself reaching over her now swollen belly. Turning her head slightly to avoid losing her balance, she managed to glimpse the man seated behind her, but his only focus seemed to be on pushing the horse faster.
“Stay covered,” The man called, above the sound of the wind and hoof beats. “It has to be the Rebellion. I will lose them in the forest.”
Ghorgon. His name is Ghorgon, and he is trying to protect me. Stevie felt herself melding into the moment; losing the Stevie part of her to become one with this woman, Carlynn. Her name is…my name is…Carlynn.
Carlynn’s heart was in her throat. How could they have found us already? Entering the forest, Ghorgon had abandoned the trail and pushed his horse to full speed, weaving quickly between the trees. Arrows struck the pines around them, missing her only because of Ghorgon’s skill and Acton’s agility. Carlynn grabbed the war horse’s mane, holding on for dear life, as they leapt over fallen logs and darted left and then right and right again. She ducked at Ghorgon’s command, head barely missing an overhanging branch. The sound of a falling rider behind them told her that at least one of the pursuers had not been so fortunate.
The clamor of breaking limbs and thundering hooves faded at the next sharp turn. Just as Carlynn began to believe they had outpaced the Rebels, Ghorgon pulled up hard. The path had ended at the precipice of a cliff. Carlynn craned her neck forward and spied a narrow deer trail meandering down the cliffside and was horrified when Ghorgon turned Acton in a circle and lunged toward it.
            “Hang on,” he roared, as they plunged over the edge. Carlynn screamed.

I hope that you liked it. I would love to hear what you have to say. Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to your thoughts.

Love, Lisa

Monday, June 4, 2012


This last week has been filled with a few surprises, some new friends, and a new winner on my blog! First the best part. April won the pick for comments with Sandra Sookoo. Congratulations April! I appreciate your involvement with discussions on my blog, it means a lot to me to have comments from my followers. As always, your questions are great and I have put you and Sandra in touch with each other. I hope you enjoy her book and let me know if you liked it. Also, thank you Sandra for being a guest on my blog. I enjoyed your answers to my questions and look forward to taking you up on being a guest on your blog!

Second, thank you to those who have recently joined my blog, I appreciate all who take the time to join and get involved with your comments, welcome!

Third, surprises, I recently had a discussion with a great lady about marketing and social media for my book. She has offered some help, which is desperately needed and appreciated. I look forward to her feedback and hints as to what I need in order to reach out and meet new people and hopefully new followers. I have finally came up with a title to my book and a title to my series and can relax on that front at least. The series title is The Lorn Prophecy and the first book is Fable-book 1 of the Djen Legacy.

Now, I know some of you have expressed your thoughts about me self-publishing, but I want you to know I have thought this through. Yes, there are a few advantages to having a publisher, but I think there are more to doing it on your own.

As you have seen, I've had to set up a platform to build followers, to introduce my new book to, and hope that they like it once they've read it and spread the word. Since I am a new author, even if I went through a publisher, I would have to do this. Some authors have said that self-publishing is the easy way, I say, how do you figure?

There is nothing easy about self-publishing. You have to do it all yourself. But, I like the advantages of being in control of what my book looks like and when it launches.

1-I don't have to wait for months, of sometimes years to get my book published
2-I have to download it myself, or go through one of the websites available that help you do this
3-I get to pick my own cover and artist to design it
4-I get to keep 70% of the profits, instead of the other way around
5-I keep the copyrights to my labor of love

If I sent my manuscript to publishers and agents, I would have to produce query letters and synopsis's, wait to hear from them, deal with rejection letters (especially since I am a new author) and then once one of them wants to publish it, I have the contracts to deal with, their pick of a cover, and of course the money issue. And I would have to do the marketing anyway, how is that a better deal? Just to say you have a publishing company accept you? The only way that would be worth it is if it were one of the big named Publishers and that could take years to accomplish. I have already been working on this book for 3 and a half years, why would I want to wait even longer to launch my baby?

So as you can see, I've thought this through. Yes, I have learned a lot in the past year, and I am continuing to learn more as each day unfolds. Now, I have to get organized, but that's a whole new discussion!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. What would you do in my place? And if you are working on your own masterpiece, what have you decided and why? I look forward to your comments, and I can't wait to finally say to all of you, my book is being launched!

Love, Lisa