Monday, June 18, 2012

Other Dimensions

Are there other dimensions? An age old question, one no one has answers for. Although, there are quite a few theories and not to mention ideas as to what another dimension would be like. 

There is the theory that there are millions of parallel worlds out there, some will make the same decisions that we do in this world, some will take a different path and have a whole new outcome, but there are millions of us, our clones, living almost the same life as our own.

A new theory that I heard recently is when any matter enters a black hole it is spit out on the other side in a new dimension, in essence, creating a new dimension, and that is how our world became in existence. There are actual scientists looking for answers to these questions.

Some believe there are portals to different worlds, and even different dimensions right here on earth. That is how aliens enter our world and disappear also. The Native Americans believe in such portals. Different tribes believe in different portals and what happens when you step through them. A portal underground, or one in the side of a rock, but they lead to their Gods, the Star Gods.

Native Americans believe they came from the star people. They are their ancestors, and certain tribes believe they came from underground and found their way to the sky. Others believe they were dropped off here. But, what ever way they reached the earth, they are from the stars. 

In my novel I decided to have my other world parallel to ours and in another dimension. You can walk through one of three portals, strategically placed here on earth, and enter the Djenrye world. Not any one can do so though, only those who have the blood of a Guardian, or at least a vial of that type of blood, can pass back and forth through the two worlds. This is how the Djen have traveled back and forth for millenia; to have access to information about us, and to watch us closely. 

During travels thousands of years ago, ancient peoples in our world saw the Djen and thus the fable of the Djen was born, and grew into something different than what they truly are. After all, this is how most fables are started, isn't it? There are some facts behind each one. 

Several months ago I talked with a woman from a Buddhist temple who seemed fascinated with my book. She believes in portals and talked of a certain one in California somewhere. I too believe there are doorways to other worlds that we have not stumbled upon, or there are those that have and have disappeared, never to be seen again. Logan Hawkes talked about this possibility in his novels and also here on this blog when he was my guest. 

What do you believe? Are there portals to other worlds or dimensions? Is there something to the Bermuda triangle or the other triangles here on earth? Could aliens use these to travel back and forth? 

I have had so much fun creating my world of the Djen. The possibilities are endless and the world I have created is one I would want to live in. One where magic is part of the every day life. People only take from the earth of that they would only use and give back for all. You can run as fast as a cheetah and jump through trees as though you were a monkey, a very fast monkey. 

I hope that when my book is published you will join me in this wonderful world. I would love to have you on my journey and enjoy the world I have created.

Please leave me a comment on your thoughts of portals and other dimensions. I know there is a lot of information on this subject and I would have to write a book in order to barely touch the amount of information out there. So just a little musing instead, hopefully to get your juices flowing and to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for the time, Lisa


  1. Interesting! I am a firm believer in the afterlife and see it as a parallel universe. I am sure there are other universes out there and so much that we still have to learn.

  2. Thanks for the post Lady M. and I agree. We are always learning and discovering. I also believe in studying the ancient ways and see if there are other possibilities.

  3. You know I do! Even though my book is about a conceptual, or alternate, plane, it's the essence of a different universe.

    Parallel realities, parallel universes, different planes of conscience, mirror universes, yes, I believe in the probability.

    Your world is fascinating. I know that your readers are going to want to be a part of it.


  4. Thanks Robin! and thanks for the post! I believe your book will be one that people will love also. The two of us will keep on writing until we get it just right and publish, i know we will have fans!

  5. You have certainly piqued my interest! Although paranormal books are not my normal reading fare, I would like to read your book when it comes out. I looked up Djen to see if it was a real word and the closest I could come was Djen Port which is interesting since you talk about Djen port(als).

  6. Hey, that's cool Linda, I'm glad also to hear it doesn't come up anywhere else since i made it up lol! Thanks for joining my blog and to let you know my book is not a paranormal, even though it might have some aspects. It's a fantasy fiction series and I hope you do read it when it comes out, it's a fun read and one of a series. Thanks again and we will be in touch!