Monday, June 25, 2012

The Rain Forest of British Columbia

The last few months my sister and I have been researching the rain forest in BC. Not because it is a pretty place, although it truly is a fantasy brought to life, but because my heroine and her friends end up there searching for an Orb: An Orb that is tied to her in blood and spirit.

Of course, the more we look at the area, the more we dream of visiting there, but that is not the reason I am bringing this to your attention. It is to make you aware of the dangers that this area faces every day, and has for years. Between loggers wanting to cut down the trees there that are over a thousand years old, salmon hatcheries that threaten to release a bacteria into the wild and kill the normal salmon in the area, and a pipeline they want to run through there, the one area that is untouched by the destructive human hand.

The area is the wildest place in North America and is home to the spirit bear. A rare abnormality that runs in the black bears genes in that area and produces a white bear. This is the only place on earth that the 'Kermode' bear exists. In fact it is so rare, that only one in 40 to 100 black bears is born a white bear. The islands that the Spirit bear live are Princess Royal Island and Gribbell Island.

The one thing that does stand in the way of progress is 8 aboriginal tribes in the area that fight to protect and preserve the islands. You can visit the area, but you must have a guide from one of the tribes. One other thing that protects the bears is it is a 100,000 fine from the government of Canada, if you kill one of these bears. Thank God there are some protections for these bears and the untamed wilderness there.

I cam across a video I would love to share with all of you put on the site of one of the tribes there, the Kitasec Xai' Xais. They live in a village close to Princess Royal Island called Klemtu and the name of their island is Swindle Island. I tried to upload the video, but again my un-expertise in computers held me back, so I am posting the link to their site. I hope you go to the site and enjoy the video. It is wonderful and you can also join them on Facebook and 'like' their page.

Well, that's all for today. I hope all of you have a wonderful week, Please leave me a comment and let me know if you saw the video and what you thought about this area. It has been fun researching it and dreaming of the day I can visit this rare and beautiful place.

Love Lisa


  1. This sounds like a very precious place. I am glad to hear that the bears are protected, despite other environmental threats. The spirit bear - how I would love to see one! (but perhaps not too close).

  2. I would love to go there Petchary, maybe some day!

  3. I would love to see the spirit bear and the islands. The Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite places. I know most people prefer sunny, warm destinations, but some of the most beautiful landscape exists in the overcast, damp areas of this region. I love the green, dense canopies and thick, lush vegetation, the smells of both decay and new life.

    That part of the world is well worth protecting. It's ancient trees and the amazing wildlife should not be threatened by our hand.


  4. I agree Robin! I think the north west is spectacular! It is so lush and mossy, it reminds me of some areas in Kentucky. I love the rain too, it's in my blood! I think it is absolutely beautiful and I pray it stays out of the destructive path of progress!