Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Writing Day

Finally a day I can relax and sit back and write. But first I have to do all my social media contacts, then I can sit back and write. Well, then I have to eat some breakfast and feed the dog, the I can write, right? Oh, wait a minute, I need to write a new blog post, then I can take a peek at my book, I think.

But, wait...I need to get in the shower and go pay bills and get grocery's before it's to hot outside to drive. My car doesn't have air conditioning, then I can write. Maybe.

After I get back I need to check my blog post to see if anyone might have commented, and I have to go though my Facebook and Twitter, and don't forget email, then I can write. Now, I'm to tired to write!

I really need more time on my days off! This is my typical writing days, in a nut shell. Yes, today is one of those days, but I decided I better write since I am so close to finishing the re-write and need to start all over again. Only 5-6 more chapters and the re-write is done, then revisions, then an editor.

I really need to get it in gear, so I guess today will be a short blog, with a few whines, and a lot of heart. I will be having a new guest soon and probably post a new excerpt, just not today. Today is a WRITING DAY!

Have a great weekend all, Lisa


  1. Lol! I have to do some paperwork for Cassidy because she doesn't have a printer and what I really want to do is write before I go to work. Totally understand.

    1. Maybe Cassidy should go by the library or Kinkos to print, lol, you need to write! I understand though, we can't say no to our 'adult' kids! Love ya!

  2. That's so funny! It sounds JUST like me! Most of my days are like that... I think the only thing to do is to get up really early and write FIRST!! :-)

  3. That's what I used to do Petchary, until I had to work a regular job again lol!

  4. Yup, there's just too much to do in a day! Totally relate.

  5. So true! I map out pockets of time to write and when the opportunity actually arrives, this or that pops up to get in the way.

    Must remain disciplined... easier to say than do!