Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Latest News

Where to begin, I guess I will start with my book news. We are very close to finishing the re-write. I know I have said this before, but the last chapter we just wrote had weeks of research attached. But, we finally finished it and have moved on to the next. I think within a month the book will be ready for revisions, YAY! I am very excited because the revisions will move much quicker and I will be that much closer to publishing! It has been a year of re-writing. Yes, it took that long, and it's because we were not only re-writing but adding all the detail and description, and researching as we went along.

I know I keep saying we, and that's because my sister, Tanya is writing with me and has for the last year. It has been great working on this project with her and now I can't imagine not having her with me twice a week to work on the book, so I decided to keep her around and have her as my co-writer. I wouldn't have it any other way! She has been wonderful and is in to it as much as I am.

I said I would keep all of you up to date, so that is the latest in the continuing saga of writing Fable.

The next announcement is I have some guests lined up. Lori Corsentino will be a guest here next Friday. She is in the middle of a blog tour for her new novel. I am very excited to have her join us and tell us all about her new book and fulfilling her dream of being a published author. Next, I will have another special guest, no date set yet, For Michelle Benavidez. She is a friend of mine from the VFW post where I work. She just finished walking from Colorado to Illinois. The trek was to bring awareness of families who have lost a child or member of their family in the wars. Her son was killed and his name was to be put on a wall in Illinois for remembrance. I won't give you all the details, I want her to fill you in. Also, I plan to have another author friend of mine, Marilyn Rice as a guest. I will be getting in touch with her this week to set up a date to have her on.

And finally, I will have my first guest appearance on Lori Corsentino's site this month. I will let you know the details as soon as I get them. It will be a first for  and not to mention amazing for me since I am not published yet, but it will still be fun! I am looking forward to it!

A busy month this month. whew! I have had a lot going on. I have 5 critique partners from two different groups I am involved in. So that means 5 chapters a month I have to review. I am also now a judge for one of the writing contests with HODRW, that was a good con job on Kathy's part! And, I have to find time to read those books for the contest, but so far I have managed to squeeze it in. To top off this busy month, our landlord has agreed to new carpet in our place, so we will be moving everything we own, except for the pictures on the wall, to the garage in two weeks for the install. It sure will feel nice to have new carpet though!

The bad news is, because of the heat, dryness and fires in our state, we have cancelled our mini-vacation to Mesa Verde and Buena Vista. Way to hot to go south right now, but we are rescheduling for the end of September, so all is not lost!

The last thing I want to mention is I would love to do another contest for those of you signed up to my blog. I am thinking what would be a fun contest and will fill you in soon. I think it will be for the month of August.

Thanks so much for all you support and comments on my blog. It means the world to me to know there are people who care about me and my book's success. I appreciate all of you! Stay tuned, there's more fun to come! have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Love, Lisa


  1. Hey Sis - I wouldn't have it any other way! I, too, look forward to our work sessions...and Starbucks (but I'd look forward to seeing you even without the Starbucks).

    I am so excited about how far we have come on the book and how far you've come as a writer. You make me proud. (sniff, wiping a tear)

    Love Ya! :)

  2. Love you too! I can't wait until all our hard work has paid off!