Thursday, July 12, 2012

Musing Today

Today was supposed to be a guest blog with Lori Corsentino, but she had something urgent come up and re-scheduled for the 27th of July. This left me with, what in the world am I going to post today?! I hope you do come visit her on the 27th and leave her a comment, I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

Back to the task at hand.

In the last few months I have been learning about different marketing skills to help grow my followers and get my name out in cyber space. I have to say, this is harder than I thought. My eyes glaze over as I read about SEO's, hashtags, and hopefully at some point, bitmarks. I have found 'zip' on that subject.

I was not raised with computers as a part of my life. Back when I was in school you took a typing class, not a computer class. I am one of those people that learns visually, not by reading a bunch of information with terms that are not in my vocabulary. So everyday that I try to learn something new, is like a  trying to become a surgeon in a virtual class on line, not going to happen!

Yes, I am frustrated, and as I reach out and ask questions, I get no help. AGH!

Back when I was in my thirties I took some computer classes through ITT here in Denver. I figured I better come into this century because at some point everything will be computers. And, I was right about that. Even learning how to use a cell phone now a days needs a class practically! When I took those classes you still had to learn programming. It was called DOS. If it wasn't for one of the engineers where I worked, I would have never made it though that class. Thank God that was changed by the birth of Windows and the Internet.

Not long after we got a computer and I would play games on it and chat. That was the extent of my computer knowledge. Eventually I learned how to work an email account and could write to people instead of mailing letters. I loved the instant gratification. I had that computer for 6 years until it was not keeping up with the latest and greatest technology and had to consider a new PC.

My daughter was getting her first laptop and gave me the computer I have now. Much better and faster and it still runs today. I know it is getting to the point of having to consider a new one, but for now it is hanging in there.  Since I wrote my first rough draft of my book, my basic understanding has grown substantially. I know all of this new social media and platforming information will sink in, it just takes a little longer for me than my son, mister tech guy. But, I will get it...eventually.

If any of you have any short cuts to these new found adages to the social media world, feel free to enlighten me, I could use all the help I can get.

I hope all of you have a great weekend and be sure to drop me a comment on my blog and explain to me some of this stuff. I would much appreciate it. And, don't forget to talk in laymen's terms, I'm a little slow!

Love, Lisa


  1. I love your column and I'm right there with you! When I went to school, we had one or two electric typewriters to take a turn on, all the others were manual. The social media has me, too, floundering in a sea of terminology. Keep us informed with what you learn.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for yr post ..
    funnily enough I've spent the last hour with my son who is up here in Johannesburg (SA) on a business visit and he has been showing me some computer stuff .. when I am more familiar with some of the stuff I will pass on to you but I suspect you are much more techie clued up than I am. The one NB thing I learned tonight was to have hash tags for my blog - I see you have categories.
    If you wish to, check out my blog and the hash tags added this very evening -Tho yr categories seem to work well.
    Best wishes, Susan

  3. Oh, okay!! Now we're getting somewhere! So the hashtags I use on my blog site can be connected to my hashtags on twitter?! Is that wgat that's all about?! See I told you I need laymen's terms to figure it out! Thanks Susan! And thanks for both posts ladies!

  4. Lisa you're in a large club - those of us who have to navigate the world of computers and other forms of electronics to promote our work. Add to that, the field constantly changes, so just when you think you know what to do, Twitter is updated, or Blogger changes its format! I think your website is very user friendly and I'd stick with what's comfortable for you. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate hash tags on my Twitter entries. But I'm wondering, does it really matter?

  5. According to my friend who is a social media consultant it does. She said you want everything to link back to each other. Also, it is supposed to help get your name out there. I think that's where the SEO's come in. I will fill you in as I know more lol!

  6. Hi Lisa! I understand how you feel, but there are all sorts of short cuts and links between social media which help... I use Wordpress, and it is very good at that. Yes, you should have everything linked to each other but it's not as complicated as it sounds! I started with Facebook, then Twitter, and I would also recommend LinkedIn, which has a number of different groups for writers and creative people. You can share your photos on Flickr and save your photos and videos from other sources at

  7. Thanks Petchary, I will check out Wordpress! I am on LinkedIn too, that's how we met I think! Thanks for the info and the comment!

  8. Hey Lisa.

    You know I consider myself fairly computer savvy and I still learn something new everyday. I've even done application support, but the truth is, technology evolves almost daily.

    I would love to know about linking everything together better. Do share when you find something out and I will do the same.


  9. Absolutely Robin, I always share with you my friend!