Monday, July 16, 2012

Seer Abilities

Would you like to have the ability to see into the future? How about past events too? Would you be afraid if you suddenly had these abilities?

The reason I ask these questions is because my main character in my novel realizes that the strange dreams she is having are not just nightmares, but are images of the past and of the future. Stevie is having dreams about a world and people she has never met, and although they are of the past at first, she has no idea. Soon after the dreams begin, she has a waking vision, and not a plain old waking vision, but one that takes her into another person's body without any way to stop it.There are reasons for these visions, but she is not sure what those reasons are. 

Through the centuries of human history there have been famous prophets, people we still talk about today. Daniel, and John from the bible, Edgar Casey, Nostradamus, Mohammad, Jean Dixon to name a few. Although we try to ignore their claims, we are still intrigued by their gifts. 

Nostradamus seems to be given the most attention due to his quatrains. They are a mystery within a mystery. After an event happens, we seem to be able to tie it to a quatrain. 

There must be some basis to people having these abilities because the military has been known to study these and other abilities such as telekinesis. Even the police in different areas of our country have used people with psychic gifts to try to locate missing people. 

Do you know or have you ever met anyone with these gifts? I have known one person in my life who had ESP, but soon after she received this ability, it disappeared. It just shut off one day. I myself have been told that under certain circumstances I have shown the ability of channeling. Not the kind that dead people talk to me, but for some reason I have been able to talk to a person who needs help about things I never knew about. It is hard to explain exactly. It has been a while though since I have experienced anything relevant to this. 

Although there are those among us who have dreamed of having these gifts, would you really want to know what could happen, whether to someone you know, or to the future of the human race? Would you want to carry that burden? People have been trying to put together the pieces of past seers 'end of the world' prophecies for centuries. Even the Mayan calendar intrigues us all. There are even those who believe the end of the world is fast upon us, December 21, 2012. 

What do you believe? Would it scare you to find yourself in the shoes of my character Stevie? Would you want to know about things that other's could not fathom? Do you want to know what happens to Stevie in my book? Are you curious where this leads her? I hope so, and I hope you are ready to read my novel and the one's that follow!

Drop me a comment today and let me know your thoughts. I am wondering what you would do if you woke from a dream that was so vivid, you were left with the thought, what is happening to me?

Love, Lisa


  1. A subject close to my heart. I have met people with the gift and have found out about the/my future through it. I love it BUT I always say use with caution!

  2. Thats cool, Lady M. So what does your future hold? I am curious about mine, but i dont trust any one that is selling future tellings on the street lol!

  3. I catch myself wishing I could peek into the future. When I really think about it, I change my mind wanting to enjoy the anticipation. Love this blog and what you are doing. It's great to get an insiders view of the life of a writer. :)

  4. That's the best way any way. You learn from things if you don't know their coming lol! Thanks for the comment Wendy!

  5. I've had sporadic experience with this. Intuition, dreams, out of body, paranormal contact.

    I'm contemplating a past life regression. However, like you, I am suspicious of charlatans. I'm not sure I would want to know my future. I think life is more interesting when you don't know what's around the corner.


  6. Life is more exciting if we don't know what's coming...I think anyway!