Monday, August 27, 2012

Branch Found Her Way Home

A Year ago, Branch, our yellow lab mix, found her way to our house. Not by chance, but by a woman who was looking for a good home for her. Branch's trusting soul allowed us in, and I believe she found what she was looking for. She has become our baby, she has become our love girl, as we call her.

Branch is a gentle soul, whom I think when she was young, wasn't treated well. But, at our house she is spoiled rotten and given a whole lot of love. 

On Saturday we decided to go on or nightly walk. We usually go around 8:00 because the day is too hot for my husband and I to walk. The nights have been cool and not to many people around. So, we set out on our nightly ritual, Branch in tow. She loves to go and her whole body wags with excitement. We came to the park we usually walk to, and found people everywhere. My husband asked what was going on, and it seemed since we didn't get our fireworks in Golden for the fourth of July, we were getting them that night.

Now, we know that thunder scares Branch, but we weren't sure about Fireworks. It was still early enough to complete our walk and we continued. As we made our way back to the park on the hill, the fireworks started. Needless to say, Branch freaked! She managed to get out of her collar and took off like a bat out of hell!

We ran after her, people telling us which way she went. My husband and I tried to catch her, but we aren't in the shape we used to be in, so we went to get the car. We drove around until 11:00 that night calling her name and scouring the Golden north mesa area, and finally made it back home, sick with worry.

You see, Branch has arthritis in her hips, and is 10 years old and we saw how fast she ran. We both knew that, first of all, we are idiots for not taking her home, and second, we knew that she would run until the noise stopped. We thought we would never see her again.

Sunday morning, we jumped up and made notices with Branch's picture and started out to go put them up in local stores. My husband opened the garage door and walked over to the back door and looked out, hoping she was there. I told him, call her name. That's what he did. As he yelled for her, I saw in my side mirror a yellow backside entering the garage! She had heard her name and followed the cry.

I was never so relieved in my life! The poor baby was limping, she must have practically crawled back. It wasn't until last night, with aspirin and glucosamine did she finally start to walk around. Boy, did we learn a valuable lesson, actually two lessons. One, we will never have her anywhere near the sound of fireworks again, and two, Branch is smart and knows where she lives. 

I am so grateful that she found her way home and that she was compelled to do so. She is our heart, and one of our kids and we will never be so foolish again.

Has something like this ever happened to you? I have heard stories of dogs crossing the country side to find their way home. Dogs are amazing animals in so many ways, and I have to agree...Dogs Rule!

Just one little announcement today, I Finished My Rewrite!!! Now on to revisions! It is finally here and one more step closer to publishing! Thanks to all of you for your continuing support and until next time, have a wonderful week!

Love, Lisa


  1. I'm so glad that Branch made it home. She is such a sweetheart. So thankful she wasn't injured other than being frightened and sore from running, something that care and love will remedy.

    I've had a dog and a cat return home. One after being lost and the other had been given to a friend, but found his way back to us. They have amazing homing instincts.

    I know you and Rick are so relieved.


  2. Yes, we are relieved and grateful! I don't remember the last time I was so thrilled! Thanks for the post!

  3. Yup, you got that right Marilyn!

  4. What a sweet inspirational story. You have made a home for Branch and he knows it. Love him everyday for our time is limited on earth, and we never know when the last kiss we gave will literally be the LAST KISS!