Monday, August 13, 2012

What Animal Are You Drawn To?

As I watch my dog Branch get excited about going for a walk, or getting her daily snack, I think about the simplicity of her life. All she needs or wants is love, attention, and the occasional treat. She follows either my husband or I around the house. She prefers to be close to us and wants to go with us where ever we go, even if it's to the corner store. Branch is the sweetest dog I've ever had, and the most submissive. I believe her life before us wasn't that pleasant. I don't think she was as appreciated as she is now, but I want to make the rest of her life peaceful and loving in hopes that when she finally leaves this plane, she would have been a happy dog and fully satisfied.

But, why am I so drawn to dogs? I think dogs are the greatest pet of all. Their loyalty, unconditional love, and their protectiveness of their home makes them the best pets.

I have had cats, birds, fish, turtles, and a bunny, but the dogs I've had are the pets I've cherished the most. I love coming home to Branch. Her whole body wags, and she is so excited to see us and instantly forgives us for leaving her. My husband says her tail is attached to her heart. They are wonderful companions. They never judge you, and love you no matter what.

When I was young, my favorite animal was the Lion. I was in awe at their power, and beauty. I would collect pictures and statues of lions, and when I moved out on my own, I would usually have a cat. Later on in life I developed an allergy to cats. My step-son had a female and she had 4 liters in a year and a half and with all those cats in our house, the dander began to effect me and now, I cannot sleep in the same house with a cat. I love them, but I can't have one around.

But, during those years I also had dogs, and grew to love having them as part of the family. It soon turned into my love for wolves. What an awesome animal. Now, my collection is wolf pictures and statues, and I have become involved with organizations to save the wolf from extinction. 

I believe the wolf is the least understood animal on the planet. They are carnivores, pack animals, and they hide in the shadows. The amazing thing is, there are quite a few animals in the wild that fit this same description, but they are not as attacked as the wolf. The wolf is a survivor and if they see easy prey, they will go after it, but they do prefer elk and deer for their prey. 

Another thing about wolves, they are family oriented. They mate for life and take care of their own. Funny, that's where dogs came from, but people want to destroy the wolf. Wolves are misunderstood and I appreciate the groups out there that work with ranchers and farmers to reduce any wolf attacks on their livestock. The more we can learn to live with wolves in our environment the better. They are a large part of our ecosystem and an important part.

When they were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, it proved how important they were to have in the wild environment. When you have an over population of elk or deer, they begin to get sick and will transfer that sickness to other animals. If you have wolves in the picture, the wolves will take care of eliminating the sick animals, thus the area will thrive again. They are a part of the cycle and we need them to be here.

My love for wolves has grown and I appreciate their beauty, and my heart goes out to protecting them from people who would simply kill them for no other reason, but their wolves.

What is your favorite animal? And, what drives you to them? My husband's the Eagle, and his drive is his love of flying, and the beauty and how majestic an animal it is. Leave me a comment and share with me the animal that pulls you and why, I would love to know.

Until Thursday, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Take care of your pets and love them with all your heart! 

Love, Lisa


  1. Hey Lisa! I've had more animals than most people will ever have in their lifetime. Multiples of cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, birds, fish, mice, salamanders, iguana, newts, frogs, and even a spider.

    I've had more cats than any other creature. Something over 200 in my lifetime (my mother had timing when backing the car out, let me tell you).

    In essence, you ask what animal speaks to my heart/soul. That would be a toss up between the horse and the tiger. Both for their power and grace, but most of all they have a sensual presence that has always drawn me to them.

    To watch a horse move is sheer beauty. The play of muscle, the flow of mane and tail, the rhythm of it's gait is poetry.

    The solitary peace of the tiger, it's aloneness, it's stealth, the beauty of it's movement in a cat so large, the coat that camouflages and yet is aesthetically pleasing, my favorite of all cats.

    I love most animals (some won't ever make my list), but these two have always been my favorites.


  2. I LOVE your blog, and your bits of wisdom you post in picture form. I hope you will join me as a friend and like my sites, it will be nice getting to know you.

  3. Thanks Lori and I watched your video. I am so sorry you have had to endure such horrors! I will go to your sites and join and you are welcome to join mine! thank you again!