Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

The last 35 years that I was in the work force, I usually would work on this day. Labor day was one of those days that was a mandatory work day in my line of work, restaurants. Not a fun business, you had to work most holiday's and Labor day was considered a major one, along with Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc..

Those of you that had the pleasure of staying home and having your family over for a BBQ, or maybe a mini-vacation probably never thought twice of us poor lugs who had to put on our stupid uniforms and serve you breakfast, but not any more!

I have to say, it feels good not to have to worry about that. I think even if I had to work outside of home again, it would not be waiting tables. In fact, I would rather have a tooth pulled out!

Labor day was supposed to be a day all us hard workers got to have a day of rest, not a day of running our arse off! Instead, all the 'desk' workers are the ones who got the day off. Even when I was in the restaurant business, the main corporate offices were closed, how is that fair? 

Did you know that Labor day became a Federal holiday in 1894? A machinist was the first person to suggest it. His name was Matthew Maguire. Kind of ironic for me, my husband is a machinist. But of course the retail industry took full advantage of all the people off work and turned it into a 'National' shopping day. In fact, not only did people have to work on this day, but usually longer hours.

So on this day when you go out to breakfast, think of me and all the hard work I had to endure all those years so you can have a nice day off with your family, and leave a 'Big' tip! Those people out there taking care of you would rather be home spending time with their families or having a camping weekend, anything than working, believe me! 

I am grateful that I am home today and not having to serve eggs. I am having my family over for a BBQ later and I look forward to it! Appreciate the work force out there that give it their all on this holiday, a holiday celebrating the hardest workers in the world, the American workers!

What line of work are you in? Have you had to work on this day? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts. I would love to know!

Thanks for everything, Lisa


  1. Happy Labor Day, Lisa and all my friends across the pond.

  2. Right now, since training is mostly a thing of the past, I really can't get qualified for overtime ( which I no longer wish for ), nor do I have to worry about working holidays ( which I no longer wish to do ).

    My business is a 24x7x365 operation, and for us there is against corporate policy to accept tips. So, I feel for you, but some have to work - and will never receive a tip!

    On the larger front, labor day is a good time to reflect on standing up for our fellow man/woman. After all, Unions strengths brought up everyone's living standards, and if you don't believe me, read the history books where child labor was all the rage, before child labor laws - chanpioned by unions and others. Read about how you got the 40 hour work week, and overtime payment. Read about how you got paid vacation. Read about how those of you who are lucky enough to still have employer paid medical insurance got that benefit.

    The business interests have gained so much control over the last 30 years that they have turned most of you against supporting your own best interests! You think that working hard will always provide prosperity, all by itself. I am here to tell you that during the time of the institution of slavery, those men and women worked themselves to death, and never saw any benefit from their hard work, except being fed so they could work hard the next day. THAT is the truth of this civilization!

    So, take this day to consider that it's not the municipal workers, for example, that are ruining this country! Support them! They are your teachers, cops, firemen, and others that keep your communities humming along and safe for you. Consider that the people that led this country to its latest economic debacle were the bankers and brokers at the top, who took irresponsible risks - got bailed out by the American people, and took large bonuses to celebrate their great victory and wisdom! Almost none of these idiots are in prison today! But you hold your neighbors in the public unions accountable for your suffering, because the people who have the money wish to divert your attention from the fact that they have all the money, and won't spend any of it!

    Yes, remember your unionized neighbors and support their efforts, because history shows when they benefit, YOU benefit. When corporations benefit, only the shareholders benefit, despite their claims to donate vast sums to charity... They'd rather keep you hungry and motivated to do their bidding, than help make things better for everyone! -NW

  3. NW, I totally agree, but I usually don't put political rhetoric on my blog for fear of turning people away. My beliefs (which are the same as yours) are not my motivation, but my thoughts of people that still are working today and not enjoying a holiday weekend. Thanks for the history lesson, and reminder of how far we have come, but there are those trying to take us back to the past. We need to remember from where we've come and not make the same mistakes.