Monday, September 10, 2012

No Time For 'You'?

Lately I have heard from different people in my life that they have no time for themselves let alone anything else. Such as writing, reading, blogging, even going out to have fun, meeting with friends, or anything else that takes extra time out of their normal day. Now, I'm not saying that their lives aren't busy, mine is busy too. In fact I'm not working now and I find myself asking how did I have time to work? But, the bottom line is there needs to be some organization in their lives so they can once again enjoy their short time here.

Now, I am far from having all the answers, and I know I have written about this before, but I believe there are a few simple steps that can help you find the extra time to do the things you want to do.

Step 1 - Get a calendar. Since I brought this little device into my life, I seem to be able to get a lot more done. But, don't over do your 'To do list', make it reasonable. Now a days, if you have a smart phone, you can even use the calendar on it. It will even notify you of what is happening on that day. 

Step 2 - Schedule ahead. If you fill in your calendar as things pop up, such as a children's play next month, or coffee with an old friend next week, put them in. Review your calendar on a regular basis so you don't miss anything. 

Step 3 - Make time for yourself on that calendar. Whether it's time to go for a walk or hike, read a book, get a massage, whatever it is that helps you to relax and enjoy life. This step, you need to do a lot. 

Once you find you are doing some things for yourself, you will begin to feel 'life is good'! You will stop to smell the roses, so to speak. 

I am sure a lot of you have calendars and are saying, I do this already and I still can't find the time for me. If that is the case, refer back to step 1. You are over doing your calendar and are allowing people, or just life in general, dictate to you what you must do each day. Be reasonable with your time. There is only so many hours in a day. There is this little word that would be appropriate if this is the case...NO! No, I can't do that today. 

Sure, there will be people that will protest, but stick to your guns. You know what you are capable of and what is important to you. If you don't take out time for yourself you will get frustrated and feel overwhelmed. But, if your life is so busy that even none of this works, you are over-committing your time. 

Be good to yourself, take time out for you. I have met quite a few people in my life that never stop, they become so busy that they forget important things that they really needed to be there for, and the next thing they know, sickness takes over and forces them to stop. So, the next time you find yourself saying, I don't have time to read, or write my blog, or take a walk, stop and ask yourself, shouldn't I make time for me?

Until next time, have a wonderful week and leave me a comment and let me know what you are doing to change this in your life!

Love, Lisa


  1. Good advice! Now to implement. My issue is priorities. What's important to me may not be what's important to my situation at this time. The next 2 days my priority is my daughter and spending what time I can with her. That's as far as I'm planning right now.


  2. That's great! you took time out for you and for your daughter! That's what I'm talking about!

  3. Very good advice, Lisa. I like the idea of scheduling personal time. I don't do it, but I like it! Perhaps if I schedule my wii exercise time, I'll actualy do it. I go by my calendar, making sure I do what's on there, and fill in the rest of the day around it. You've given me a good idea. Thank you.

  4. Great post, Lisa! Too often we all get caught up in daily routines all to quick to forget the importance of "me" time. It does make a difference and doesn't really impact whether something is done or not! Perhaps even makes the end result better:>)

  5. Thanks Linda! i am glad you are going to use my idea, it really helps! And, thanks for the comment!

  6. Sharla, yes we do and if we don't do for us, how do we do for others? Thanks for your comment!

  7. Awesome blog, Lisa! Thanks for that reminder. I do need it from time to time. Gonna write down those steps and refer back when the "I don't have time..." pops up! :)


  8. always a good idea Lori! You need time for you!