Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Muse

Well, as you read this I will be soaking in a lithium based pool in Buena Vista, Colorado! I am so looking forward to the above 100 degree waters, with the fall colors at their peak, and mountains surrounding us. Several times when we have been there, we have watched deer and mountain goats on the side of one of the mountains.

Our favorite is to go to the pools early in the morning, usually before the sun is up and soak with no one around. It is so quiet and relaxing. Then, when the sun starts to rise, we listen to the birds wake and can hear the rush of the water in the spring close to the spa. It is so exhilarating and peaceful at the same time.

After our morning soak, we get ready for the day and drive to town and have breakfast at the legendary Jan's cafe and then take off in any direction we choose to enjoy the mountains of Colorado. 

Last time we drove to Black Canyon and on the way we past by the biggest lake in Colorado that flows in to the Gunnison river. Blue lake. This lake is 7 miles long and a hot tourist spot for boating and fishing.

We love living in a state that in just a couple of hours drive we really feel like we are away from the everyday hum drum of life and can explore at our leisure. There are so many places to see and do here, you don't even have to leave the state to be on a wonderful vacation.

My goal is to return refreshed and ready to tackle the winter writing ahead of me. To finish the edits by December and to get my book published by the beginning of the year. Cottonwood Inn has never let me down. I always come back feeling like a new person with actual energy to spare.

So, until Monday, I hope that all of you have a wonderful week and weekend and we will touch base then!

Love, Lisa


  1. I am so jealous right now. I'm chilly as I sit here writing this and would like to be in some warm water looking at the mountains.

    Okay, done with my pout. I know you are having a wonderful time. I expect to see a relaxed, refreshed Lisa on Tuesday. :)


  2. Have fun, you deserve it!

  3. Thanks ladies! I had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect, not to cold and not to hot! We had a blast!

  4. Do the lithium waters have healing qualities?