Monday, October 8, 2012

Blog Block

Okay, all you bloggers out there, have you ever had one of those days that you didn't know what to blog about? You want to beat your head against the wall, hoping some idea comes out? Your past blogs start coming to mind and none of them sound like a good idea. You know you've done blogs about writing, or about book reviews.

You know you've put an excerpt up from your book, or talked about the most recent holiday. How about recipes or interviewed someone. Not one idea sounds appealing. 

You've even read other's posts to see if something comes to mind, but nothing does. You begin to panic and start to write something and then erase it all, only to be back at square one. You tell yourself, I will come up with something, and nothing ever does.

So, then you say to yourself, well no one will miss my blog post today, so you decide not to write one, and then you realize one of the most important rules of consistent! You picked certain days to blog, by God, you better blog.

Now, you realize that even though you might never have experienced writers block, you have something worse...Blog Block!

Help! You cry out for someone to save you, somebody needs to give you an idea, and then it finally comes to you, for some reason, and you ask yourself, why didn't I think of this before?

It hits you...write about blog block!

Have a great week all! Lisa


  1. Hey, that works for me! I blog about this topic not too long ago:
    I think writing about that topic is better than not writing about anything at all, especially if you make it a little bit fun.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Haha! Absolutely Arlee! Sometimes you just gotta bullshit your way though!

  3. I've had blog block for a month. This is a great blog topic! Good job!

    I have to blog when I get back. I've definitely got some news and topics to blog about.

    However, I love this blog, Lisa. Very witty!


  4. Thanks for the comment Robin and I agree, you need to blog!

  5. Lol I'm sure consitant blogging is hard. I blog once a year it feels like! :-)

  6. That's about right Brandie, once a year, lol! Love you and thanks for reading my blog!