Monday, October 22, 2012

Do You Read Blogs?

So, I'm just curious, how many of you actually read this blog and enjoy it? Do you read other blogs too? The reason I'm asking is I read a local agent's blog today and she talked about the need for blogging and if it's for everyone. 

I thought about what she was saying and on one level I agree, blogging is not  fun for all. To some it is hard to do and frustrating. To other's, they seem a natural to it and have a lot of followers. It does take up time and if you have a regular job, it can seem daunting. 

I was told early on in my writing that social media is a must for both traditional publishing and self-publishing. That you need to get your name out there and hopefully build a fan base. On top of having a blog, you need to be on Facebook, twitter, and any other social media you like such as, Pinterest and Google+. And, I did just that. But, I have found that through reading other peoples blogs, and seeing their frustration when they leave their blog address on the LinkedIn sites and no one comments, that it is more than frustrating, it can hurt feelings. We are only human after all. 

The problem is blogging has now become over saturated on the internet. Anyone who is trying to sell a book, art, comedy shows, and even their band have blogs to try and build their name and to make a living on it. Even agents have blogs and editors. To many blogs!

I believe one of the things that could stop some of this is traditional publishers should be doing the advertising for their clients. It amazes me that just to have their companies name on your book you have to give them a percentage of your sales and they do either very little advertising of you or none at all. How is that fair? 

That is one of the reasons why my choice was to self-pub. I didn't believe I should have to give them 15% of my sales when they do very little for me. So, quit being so cheep publishers, take care of your authors. Then the only one's who would have to do social media would be those of us who self-pub. Therefore, less blogs. 

What do you think? I know several of my followers are writers so I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Also, do you think I should keep blogging? If you are interested in reading the article I mentioned here is the link: Should All author's Blog?

Have a great week everyone! Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa
    Yes, I read blogs and enjoy the ones I follow. As an avenue for selling my book, however, I've been disappointed. There's so much to read out there already, so why should they buy my book? Besides that, I post something 3-5 times a week, so why would they want to read even more in my book? The writing world is changing. I was moderately successful as a magazine writer, but even that market has changed. I don't know what the answer might be, except to continue writing simply for the pleasure.

  2. I agree Teresa. I am not there with my book yet, but I am assuming it will probably be the same for me, at least as far as the blog goes. You're right though, it should be something I enjoy doing, and sometimes that's not the case for me. I will try to change my attitude toward it and not worry about it being a platform. Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. I read blogs occasionally! No, I don't read every one or from all the peeps on my list. Time does not permit it. Everyone is blogging these days and not all the topics are of interest to me. Like, 'bellybutton blues' I don't know the answer but I've always believed in perseverance and so I will continue with my blogs, writing etc and attempting to get my work noticed.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I saw the same post by Rachelle Gardner. It was interesting and had some good points. Like you, I don't agree with all of them and am still being told that social media is needed for self promotion.

    Next Tuesday evening, I'm meeting with one of the people from RMFW who is starting a side business of helping authors with their social media platform. I will let you know what her take is on it. I'm anxious to ask her what's enough, what's too much, and what, is simply overkill.

    I myself read blogs when I can. I don't read every one. I might go a few sentences in to see if it's of interest to me and then stop, or skim through. The ones that are truly important to me, like yours, I read thoroughly.

    I now 'share' my blog on two platforms; Blogger and Wordpress. I'm testing the waters to see which I like best. The jury is out for now. I like to blog, but it's not a priority to me. I think constant book promotion, without something else to break it up, becomes overkill. Unless you are a book promoter or reviewer then I think you need to mix it up to keep your readers interested.

    Anyway, I'll let you know what I find out next Tuesday. Should be interesting.


  5. Lisa, you raise such good questions, and like the other posters, I have no good answers. I did the traditional route with Half Light, queried about 90 agents, got accepted by a great one, and eventually got publication with a small press. My very-experienced agent continued to believe that a big publisher would pick up the book eventually, but that hasn't happened. The whole process of writing and editing the book, finding an agent and then a publisher, and finally publication, took about eight years. I applaud authors like you who have decided to self-publish and bypass all the waiting, and I think it's wonderful that this option is now so accessible for everyone. Ultimately, self-published and traditionally-published authors are now in the same place: having a book and needing to find a market for it, and it's up to us to do that. Like you, I started blogging because everyone said I should, but it has not affected sales. What would? Has anyone found a method that really does get people to buy books?

  6. Yeah, Robin, I would love to know what the lady tells you on platforming. I am sure that most author's would love to know the answers! Thanks for the post!

  7. E. Wow, 8 yrs! I would go crazy! It's taken me almost 4 yrs to be ready for a pro-editor. The biggest reason I am SP. I am with you on not having the answers. As soon as I find some I will let you know, and I hope if you find out anything you will let me know too! Thanks for the post!