Monday, November 12, 2012

The Get Together

An issue came up yesterday that has changed the way my family gets together on the holiday's. The one where your kid is married and has babies and you want them at your house, but they have another family now to share Thanksgiving with. Have you ran into this problem?

It's not fun to go through and I have had to learn to let go. Yes, I would love to have the Thanksgiving's I used to have, especially since it is my favorite holiday, but I do understand being pulled in different directions and not being able to please everyone. 

I do miss the days when we had a big house and everyone came for the holiday dinner. My husband and I love to get in the kitchen and cook together all day, and then the best part, everyone loves the delicious food! Then you laze around for a while and watch football until the homemade pie is served.

Those were the days! 

It is hard for both sides to get together too. I am a very picky eater, I don't mean to be, but I am. I don't think I could go to eat someone else's dinner. I have tried that in the past, but I miss my way of cooking. I know, I'm a pain, but it's true about me.

Let me know if you run into the problem and what you have had to do to fix it.  Maybe in a few years we will have a bigger house and can have everyone over like we used too. Until then, I am having a small dinner I guess.

Drop me a comment if you want, I would love to hear from you! See all of you Thursday!

Love, Lisa


  1. Distance has been the biggest problem for me and my family. We've hosted my wife's family in past years and I always did most of the cooking. This year one of her sisters is upset with me and my wife thinks the rest of the family is upset with me so she's decided not to have Thanksgiving. The last time something like this happened (my wife was upset about something with her family) we just decided to have a small dinner for my wife and I and it was very nice. A lot less work for me and a less frantic day with a houseful of people (half who don't speak English). I guess this year it will be my wife and I again. It's her family's loss I figure since I always fixed a nice meal that everyone seemed to love. It's sad when people can't let little things go and let them blow way out of proportion.

    I'd say try the small dinner and enjoy what you like and if anyone wants to join you then leave a standing invitation (providing they let you know they're coming so you'll have enough food). Staying home is nice I think.

    A Faraway View

  2. Arlee, I agree, but it sure is hard to get though the hurt feelings. I guess we will be having the small meal here at home, even though I wish things could be different.

  3. We don't have this problem since moving 3,000 mi away from all our family. What we used to do though to solve the issue of splitting our time between both sides of the family was to alternate years. Not all the relatives approves of this, but it worked best for us. That way we weren't rushed trying to cram 2 celebrations into one day, or dealing with fussy kids that didn't like being dragged from one party to the next. We missed the half of the family we didn't get to see, but enjoyed being relaxed at the dinner we did attend, and not feel that we were on a time crunch to rush to the next event. Now that we're all on our own up here, we really enjoy just being together with each other. Only having each other really brings you closer as a family....I think. Enjoy the time with just your husband.....AND the fact you don't have to choke down someone else's cooking. ;)

  4. Hi Lisa!
    It is a difficult time of the year for so many people because of this choice that has to be made. Alternating years works, if those that have to do the alternating find it meets their needs. Unfortunately, even though we all want what we used to have in the old days, those are gone. Everyone has moved on with their lives and they now have choices they have to make.

    An option is to have the huge dinner and have everyone over on some other day/night. It can be near the holiday, or just some random Saturday. Think about how satisfying that can be, without the rush and bustle of the holiday added in to create stress. Just the entire family getting together to have fun, eat a huge meal, and celebrate each other. Like it used to be.

    Hang in there and enjoy your Thanksgiving, whatever you do!