Thursday, January 31, 2013

Better Late Than Nothing

Yes, late on posting today. First, I woke up late, then I had to rush out for my critique group. It's like playing catch up to the day now, but at least I am posting on Thursday. I guess it could be worse. 

Well, my sister and I have started revisions on the novella, a part of the continuing story of Djenrye and Stevie. See, our plan is to release shorter stories of the Djenrye world in between the novel series. This first one is about how Stevie ended up in our dimension with adoptive parents and no clue about who she really is. 

The story is set, 99%, in Djenrye, and in the past. It brings you into the world of the Djen and the kind of life they lead. It is fun making up a world and adding conflict and action. This originally was to be put in the first novel, intertwined with the original story. It would have gone back and forth, but we decided that it took away from Stevie's coming awareness of the Djen and her true identity. So, we thought it would make a great side story. 

What is nice about it is it's already written, except I do need to add a few chapters for effect, and now all we have to do is revise and edit. It should be released in the fall. We want to give the first novel some time before we put this one out there. 

It's fun getting back into the Djen world. I really enjoy it. The setting is true fantasy world with swords, bow and arrow, heroes, nemesis's, and saving the day. There is magic, good and evil, and a more understanding of what and why the Djen world is the way it is. We even touch on the prophecy more. 

I am looking forward to the day when it's launched. I am hoping by then you have had a chance to read Fable, the first in the series, and are ready for more. I will post, now and then, sneak peeks, so keep your eyes posted for the near future.

Until Monday, I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend. I am scouting for new guests for the blog. I will be announcing the next person soon. Plus, once we launch the first book, we will be starting up giveaway's and contests. I am looking for funner things to add to the blog. Again, any ideas, I am more than open to hearing them.

Love, Lisa


  1. Knowing about Stevie and Djenrye already, I can't wait to read about how she came to be and to be in Djenrye--at least in my head! You go girls!

    1. Thanks Janet, and you do have an advantage since you are one of my critique partners!

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