Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Series Of Books Do You Follow?

Another weekend gone, and a new week begins. We have snow forecast for tonight and everyone is asking "Will it ever end?" and my answer is "Yes"! I remember the first year we moved to Colorado and there were flakes in June. But, that is Colorado for you, just wait 15 minutes and the weather will change. I do love the weather here though, it makes life interesting.

Well, on to the subject at hand. When I wrote my last post about what makes you close a book, I thought of just the opposite for this blog. What makes you look forward to the next book. I'm sure great writing and a great story is part of it, but are there certain characters that you really enjoy? I follow several author's series. I do love historical fictions with action and suspense. Nothing I love more than to go on a chase around the world for a certain artifact and the character's life is in danger and he/she is against all odds. I also love great mysteries with detective characters that have to solve the crime, with lots of twists and danger at every turn. Even international espionage gets me reading faster.

I also like fantasy fiction books where the main character is a down trodden youth who has to overcome several obstacles and become the hero he/she was meant to be. I think that's why I enjoy series so much, or at least a trilogy, I fall in love with the characters and want to go on another adventure with them. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have some magic and supernatural abilities in the fantasy books. Nothing I love better than that.

So my question to you is, are there certain characters that you love to follow? Do you like to read series? I personally don't want the story to end, if it's a good story. 

So leave me a comment and tell me what characters are you excited to read about again? When the next book comes out in your favorite series, do you rush to buy it and steal some time reading?

I would love to hear who has grabbed you as a reader and held you tight! I guess that's all for today. I look forward to your answers in the comments and have a great week everyone!

Love, Lisa


  1. The Dresden Files and Felix Castor. The latter are hard to find as e-books. Well, one of them is. The third book, I think. It never seems to be available as an e-book, which will really suck when I finish book #2.

    I'm terribly behind on both. I've only read the first Castor book, The Devil You Know, but I intend to read the next one at the very least. The Dresden Files, I've finished the first 11 books. 12 and 13 have been out for some time now, and I believe 14 came out in November. So I still have three of them to go.

    I guess I also read the Alex Cross novels by James Patterson. At least I read the first two. I'll read the third at some point (I have it) and if that is a good enough read, it will be on to the next one.

    I've yet to read a series where I have not gone on to the next book.

    I suspect I won't always continue for the protagonist, but to see the resolution of some plot arch or another. Having said that, I can't think of a situation in which that has been the case, so that's merely supposition.

    I do not rush out to read the next one. I did that for Harry Potter, though. I got the 5th book release day and finished it off in 4 days. I got the 6th book release day and finished half of it that day and half the next.

    The Deathly Hallows came out to much applause. I was working at the University of Calgary bookstore at the time, and so got a 25% staff discount on the retail price. I went in on that fine, sunny day and picked it up. I read the first two chapters on to the train (until I got nauseous from reading on a moving vehicle), so stowed it away in my bag until I got to the bus stop. Read another chapter. Rode the bus home. Read and read and read. Finished it on release day. Which amazed me. It was about 10 pm, so I managed to read 200,000 words over the course of 11 hours, which is about 20% faster than my usual reading speed. But I suspect that's because the language was clear and concise. Ease of reading really does make a difference.

    On the other hand, Mike Carey (author of the Felix Castor books) has a slightly more complex style, so reading The Devil You Know (~135,000 words) took around 14 hours, about 55% slower than usual.

    And there I go getting slightly weird and slightly off topic. Ah well. Whenever I tried to trim things down in college (to fall within desired word counts), they always got longer!

  2. Hey Ryan! You would probably like the Steve Berry series with the main character of Cotton Malone, or the John Sandford's series with Lucas Davenport. Both great reads! If you like international espionage then James Rollins is great too! All awesome series! I did the same thing with harry Potter and Game of Thrones, loved them both and they are still my favorite!

  3. I get mad if characters let me down. I like true noble heroes, of good moral character. Of course a series would be boring if the hero/heroine is perfect, mistakes and failures make them lovable. However, if they don't redeem themself, I lose passion for that character.

    1. Hi Jenna, good to hear from you on my blog! Well, it's true, no one's perfect and if the character was, you're right they would be boring. I think most writers write their characters to make mistakes, or to not be a perfect look, or clumsy, but they find out they are worthy. I'm sure that most redeem themselves, except for the bad guy lol!

  4. Harry Potter will probably be one of my favorites always! I also love the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have the first Game of Thrones and I am afraid to start it. I may not get anything else done if I do. Hunger Games and recently I've read the first in a series called The Park Service and bought the second one, Isle of Man. I'm being good and not starting that one until I get some promised reading done.

    When I was a kid I read all the Black Stallion books. From there it was the Clan of the Cave Bear series. I'm sure I've read other series, sagas, trilogies, but those are the ones that came to mind.

    Fun topic :) -R