Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Tour, Launch Party, and a Sigh of Relief

It was so nice having Shay West on the blog this last week! I want to thank her for her answers to your comments and can't wait to get started on her series! and Thanks to all of you who left comments. It's not fun to have a guest and no one participates, so kudos to my blog friends!

Well, now I am on a blog tour myself. Right now I am on two different blogs, Johnny's at here and Lizzie's at here

I met Johnny Velazquez PHD in my linkedIn groups. He's a great guy and was very excited about having a guest for the first time on his blog. If you get a chance pop on over and leave a comment!

Lizzie, as you know, was the person who got my started down this writing road and she deserves a lot of credit from me. She never gave up on me! She writes erotica romance, and her books, even though sizzling, are a fun read. If you want to pop over to her blog, I would love to see you there, too!

Next week I am on Shay's blog on Wednesday, my friend Lee's blog on Friday, and an new friend and fellow writer, Chris Hill's blog on Saturday. I will leave the links below, if you feel like doing some blog hopping next week.

Just a little history about Chris's book, The Song of The Sea God. I recently read his book, and I have to say it was excellent. His writing is amazing, very detailed characters, and the story has a twist. The ending is not what I expected and I did write him a review and gave him 5 stars. If you want to read something different, something you do not expect, then give his book a try. 

Shay West:Wednesday
Lee Jackson:Friday
Chris Hill:Saturday

Now, onto my launch party this weekend. I'm very excited about it! My critique partner and friend, Robin, is throwing me the party and I think she's just as excited as I am! I do have to read a excerpt from the book, (I have stage fright) so that should prove to be interesting. I am nervous about it, but I hope to get over it. As long as I'm sitting, I should be okay. My sister, Toni, is reading one, too. I'm sure she will be much better at it.

Mike will be there showing off some of his art, and afterwards I have to corner him about the art for the novella coming up next. Fated - A Chronicle of Djenrye, should be out this fall, and he needs to get moving on the cover.

The novella is coming along great. We just finished chapter 8, and there should only be 5 or 6 chapters left. It is turning out to be a great book. I am looking forward to contacting my beta readers for this one. 

It's nice to know things will be calming down soon. Just need to finish my blog tour, and party, then I can relax for a bit.

We are heading to Buena Vista on the 14th of June and I need it! I can't wait to soak in the soothing waters and do some hiking and spend some quality time with my family. We are renting a house there and 10 of us are going up, including my grandkids. It should be fun. I am sooo looking forward to it.

Do you have any fun plans coming up this summer? We bought a pop-up camper, too and plan to get in some camping, fishing and lots of melted marshmallows this summer. My husband already has it all packed and now we are waiting for warmer weather. It has been a cool, wet, spring so far.

I'm not complaining though, we need the water. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to camp.

I hope to see some of you on the other blogs for my tour the next few weeks. And, thanks to all of you that have purchased Fable. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more because Fated will be out soon. Also, I hope to see some of you t

omorrow at our launch party. There will be goodies, good coffee, since it's at a coffee shop, Bean Fosters, and lots of good company!

Thanks for everyone's support, Lisa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My guest today is Shay West, Author of The Chosen and Shattered Destiny. 

Shay lives in Grand Junction Colorado and I met her at a talk on self-publishing in April. She is full of energy and loves sci-fi/fantasy as much as I do. I enjoyed talking with her and linking together on social media. I've joined her blogs and she posts regularly about her genre and about herself and the things she's going through.

I hope you enjoy reading about her and check out her newest work. She does have other books already out for YA that look like fun also. If you get the chance browse through her links and leave questions below for her. 

Shay, tell us a little about yourself and your work: I'm originally from Longmont, in fact I was born there. I earned my doctorate degree in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus in Aurora CO. I live with my two cats, and when I'm not writing novels, I play with plushie microbes and teach biology at Mesa University. My other series is The Adventures of Alex Davenport. 

Wow Shay, quite an accomplished person. Are there more published works by you? Yes, Ive also been published in the military scifi anthology, Battlespace. And, I do have one more book in this series I wanted to share. It's Resigned Fate. It's forthcoming this year. 

Well, I look forward to your series. I plan to get the first book and start reading. Thanks for joining us today. I'm sure there will be comments below and I wish you luck and prosperity with your novel and life in Grand Junction. Thanks Lisa for having me on your blog. And those of you who are interested I  have my links below and blurbs for each of the books in the Portals of Destiny series. I hope you give my books a read. And don't forget to let me know if you enjoyed them.

My Website
Facebook: Portals of Destiny:
              Alexis of Davenport:
Twitter: Scifi/fantasy

Shattered Destiny: 

Astra. Kromin. Volgon. Earth. To each of the four planets are sent four Guardians, with one mission: to protect and serve the Chosen, those unwitting champions of prophecy who alone can save the galaxy from the terrifying Mekans. But the signs of prophecy have not yet appeared, and the decision to send the Guardians early could doom all in the galaxy to death.

Shattered Destiny blurb:

In the second book of The Portals of Destiny series, the Chosen have teamed up to learn about each other’s worlds. But things on their home planets are not as they left them. Astra is plagued by a genocidal maniac, Earth’s Jhinn are worse for the wear after losing their General, and Volgon is turning over a new leaf. 

Meanwhile, the Chosen discover there is a lot about each other they don’t understand, and that makes fighting anything–let alone the universe threatening Mekans–difficult. 

When more of the Chosen die, the question becomes not how will the Chosen defeat the Mekans, but can they?

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Busy Friday

I propose this day to be a writing day. I plan to sit and write in my novella and finish it. Not much more to get it done, maybe a few chapters, but enough to get me on the writing train. I have been taking more time to write and found that I've missed it.

With everything that's been going on it has been hard to just sit and write. Between trying to get the book on Amazon, social media, and making sure I mail who gets said book, there really hasn't been much time to spend on the one I'm working on now. 

On top of all that, I had to go and re-read Fable on Kindle and I found a few mistakes that we had to fix. We didn't have the book on Amazon for 24 hrs while we re-uploaded the changes. That was a little nerve racking, but it's back up now and moving right along. 

So, now a day of writing. I'm really looking forward to it. 

Since it is the start of Memorial Day weekend, I also want to take time out to remember our fallen soldiers and appreciate their sacrifices for us. They gave their lives so that we might have a better one. (I wish someone would remind congress!)

I try not to take for granted what these brave men and women have done for us and show my gratitude in my day to day life. Today also makes me think about my friends at the VFW who showed support for me and my writing. Some of them were troopers listening to me go on about my book. Thanks for putting up with me guys! I miss you!

This weekend will be filled with fun times for a lot of people. Camping, fishing, visiting family, and let's not forget BBQ. I look forward to spending time with my family. My husband and I are going to go see the new Star trek movie and go hiking. And then I have my grandkids for an over night Sunday. We will probably take them to the park and maybe swimming. Monday, we are going to Tiny Town. Fun times!

I love spending time with my baby's. They are so much fun and full of life. They bring out the kid in me. But once we settle down for the night, it's time to read. To go to the imaginary world of books. 

Which brings me back to writing mine. I love it when people read my book and get back to me on what they thought of it. I hope it's one that took them away for a few hours and helped them to dream of an imaginary life.

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget, Shay West will be my guest next Tuesday. Until them be safe and enjoy a good book!

Love, Lisa

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is it About Sci-Fi/Fantasy?

You know I have always been a sci-fi/fantasy freak for as long as I can remember. I've rarely gone to chick flicks at the movies, and I usually don't purchase them for my DVD collection or the books I'd buy. 

In fact, it is hard for me to wrap my head around someone not liking a good old fashioned alien or monster movie, of course, with a lot of action packed scenes and over the top special effects, especially now a days with the way they can make it look so real.

When my friends (women ones) want to go see the latest chick flick, I am arguing that I would rather wait until the DVD comes out to spend my money on it. I want to go see Avatar, or Star Trek where you need a big screen to watch it to get the full effect. 

The same goes for TV. The only "cop" drama series I ever really watched was X-Files. I have seen a few episodes of CSI, but I still prefer Game of Thrones or Falling Skies. My friends think I'm crazy, and maybe I am a little bit, but give me the action, give me the aliens. I want to see space, or a fantasy world like Frotto Baggin's. 

When it comes to reading though, I will read out of these genres. I do like a good historical fiction, or thriller. But my favorite books, hands down, are the Game of Throne series and Harry Potter. 

Take me away to another world. Show me other possibilities, another way of life. Give me action that gets my heart racing. Love it!

What types of movies, or books do you like? What is the one TV show you hate to miss and got a DVR just so you won't? Hey life's to short to watch reality shows and cop dramas. Those are every day hum drum stuff. 

Leave me a comment and tell me what's your favorite. Me, I'm back to creating my fantasy world Djenrye so that I can share it with you!

Update - Our blog tour will begin next Thursday. I will list the site links for you each week as they happen. I will also have a guest on this blog next week, Shay West. She writes sci fi/fantasy and is a fun person to get to know. She will be on here May 28th. I hope you will stop by and welcome her. There will be a drawing for a giveaway so leave a comment or question for her.

Until Friday, have a great week!

Love, Lisa

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Lots going on in the last few days. So much so that I am ready to go on a vacation, a relaxing one by the hot springs pool. We do have one planned in June, and I can't wait!

Well, the book is up on Amazon, still separated mind you, but they claim to get that fixed in the next few days. I am looking forward to that so I can keep track of rankings easier. It does feel good though, so good that I am beside myself sometimes! 

What an amazing feeling it is to see your book for sale, and not to mention it, sales of your book. It is so surreal! 

I'm sure some of you heard about me crying when I received the 'proof' book in the mail. Yes, I bawled, happy tears mind you, but I could not get over holding my own book in my hands! What a wonderful feeling! 

Tonight we are having a family and close friends get together to celebrate and I just found out it's my cover artist's birthday today, too, so we will have a great time!

The launch party is being set up as we speak, and I have been working on the blog tour. So far, I have 5 blogs to appear on. I am hoping for a few more, but we will see what happens. I will announce those probably next week since I am still figuring out a few dates. 

I'm sure you are probably tired of my going on about the launching of the book, but it is very exciting and I can't wait for some of my writer friends to launch themselves so we can celebrate their new arrivals on Amazon. I believe it is a great achievement and one not easily obtained. Even if you self-publish there is a lot of work involved, but don't let that scare you, it will all come together. There are those of us who have now gone through it and are willing to help. 

In the mean time, I thought I would post an excerpt from our book Fable in the hope that you will want to read more! I look forward to hearing people's thoughts after reading the book, too, so please leave me a comment anytime you finish it, on any blog post. I want to hear your feedback. So, anyway, here's a little taste of Fable - Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy. Enjoy and have a great weekend every one!!

No longer in her room, Stevie stood in front of a pristine lake. Trees dotted the landscape and snow-capped mountains created a backdrop to the valley. The smells had changed from the warming springtime of Golden to a crisp fall air filled with the scent of evergreens and earth. She looked at the crystal blue sky above her—awed at seeing the sun in place of the moon.
Sensing a presence, she turned her head to the right. Not ten feet from her, a man stood on the lowest branch of a ponderosa pine. His steely blue eyes, long raven-colored hair, and the way he smiled caught her breath. She blinked once and he was gone.
No. Wait, now he was in the tree to her left. He leaned back against the trunk long enough for her to get a clear view of his archaic clothing—dark breeches, deep brown leather vest over a rough-spun shirt, and fitted knee-high boots of some sort of animal skin. A two-inch pendant of blue lace agate, encircled in silver thread, hung about his neck and the sunlight glinted on the sword hilt peeking out from behind his right shoulder. Then he disappeared again.
Enjoying the game, Stevie glanced this way and that, trying to guess where he would reappear next. When the familiar dimming occurred, Stevie fought to stay in the vision, but it was useless. She found herself back at the window sill.
What happened? Who was that? Stevie sucked in short bursts of air as she leapt from her bed to turn on the lamp. With her room awash in light, she paced back and forth, struggling to remember the details of the waking vision. Glimpses of a lake, pines, mountains—and that perfect, sensual smile—came to mind. If she was to have any hope of recalling the full memory of him, she would need to calm her mind.

I would love to get comments  so feel free to tell me what you think!

Love, Lisa

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Are Live!

Good news, the paperback is on Amazon! here

I can hardly believe my eyes! Yes, We are very excited! Still waiting on the kindle version, but won't be long now! Now we can finally get the book out to all of you who have waited patiently for this day. All of you are wonderful and I can't wait to hear what you think of the book!

The novella will be out in the fall. We are about halfway through it. It will be called Book 1 of The Djenrye Chronicles - Fated. There will be a novella about the different races in between each of the novels. The second novel will be out next year. It's name is Lore - Book 2 of the Lorn Prophecy.

Pretty soon we will be old pros! 

I will announce our launch parties in the coming days and the blog tour. I hope you can join in for some of these. There will be prizes and giveaways! 

Right now, we are basking and regrouping, trying to get our heads around finally being here. I will post the front, back and spine for all to see and I hope you can leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I really hope you like it and I hope you buy the book and enjoy it! 

For now, have a wonderful week and I look forward to your comments!

Love, Lisa

Friday, May 10, 2013

Every year on this day, May 10th, is a day of reflection for me, a day of celebration, but also a day of understanding how important the role of being a mother is for me. Today is my second birthday. The day I was brought home from the adoption agency. 

My mother and I always celebrated this day together. For my mom it was the day she brought me home, for me, it was the day that I was fortunate enough to be 'chosen' to be a part of this family. Not only did I have wonderful parents, but I got my sister, too!

My mother tried for 7 yrs to get pregnant and was told maybe she couldn't so they came back from Europe to Kentucky, (where they were from) and adopted me. They took me back to Greece, (my father was a tobacco buyer) and low and behold, she got pregnant with my sister. I guess she relaxed and accepted that she wouldn't have children and got blessed with Toni. I used to tease my sister that if it weren't for me, she wouldn't be here, but in a way, it's true. 

Sure, there were a lot of hard times, and there were times, (when I was a teen) that I cursed them, but that was all chalked up to growing pains and figuring out who I was. It's not easy being adopted. First you feel you don't have an identity of your own, and you go through a rough part where you feel you weren't wanted by your birth parents, but my mother always used to tell me I was 'chosen' and therefore 'special'. I realize now there are thousands of reasons why people choose to give up their child for adoption, and that it really is the most selfless act to do for your child. If my birth mother is out there, somewhere, I want to thank her for giving me the chance at a good life and that she is thought of often, even though I do not know her. She is always in my heart. 

My reflection of her is when I think of my own children and grandchildren and I am so grateful to have them in my lives. I am sure she thought of me too and probably regretted her decision at certain points in her life, but it all turned out the way it was supposed to. 

So now on the Mother's Day weekend, I just want to say I am blessed in several different ways. First, the love a caring of the woman that raised me, through the good and the bad times. Second, the beautiful children that I was blessed to raise, and the amazing outcome of seeing them flourish and become wonderful adults. And third, the precious grandchildren that came from my bloodline. 

Lots to be thankful for! I am also grateful for having such a wonderful sister and that we have this time together to write the books. It really has been an amazing experience writing together and I look forward to seeing our work come to life! We weren't always close, (sibling rivalry) but we got passed all the drama and decided to come together and give it our all together. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

So to all the mother's out there, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day. You all deserve to be pampered and cooked for, and don't forget to look back at all the trials, and gifts of the life of raising your children. It is a gift from God, the Universal Spirit of life.

Now a few updates - I will be setting up the dates for our blog tour next week, so news on that soon. I hope you get to participate since there will be excerpts, and cover reveal, and prizes along the way. 

Also, the formatting is, of course, running into issues, but I am at the point where if I don't laugh I will cry. It is becoming rather comical. We should be getting the "proof" in the mail next week and hopefully it all looks good and we can launch. On the formatting of the epub, they are having problems with the upload of the book. I guess it is kicking out certain words so they are working on that issue. It's always something. I have decided to give up on the stress and roll with the punches. It will happen, I just don't know when.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to give your mom a big hug and kiss!

Love, Lisa

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can't Sleep Blues

So, it's 2:30 in the morning and my dog, Branch, has me up. She is one of those dogs that is afraid of her own shadow. It isn't even storming out, but she probably senses one way in the distance. 

She will pant and pace and get up in our faces until we get up with her. My poor husband got up 4 times and needs to go to work in the morning, so now I am sitting here in the office with her lying by my side and I figured I might as well get my blog post done since I will probably be sleeping in later. 

Branch is a rescue dog. We have had her for about 2 years. She's sweet as the day is long, and loves to be petted, and hugged. To her, nothing's better than going for a walk, or getting a treat. She literally dances.

But if a storm is brewing you would think it was the end of the world. Of course, I am yawning my arse off, and I need to go get something to drink, but I don't dare go in the other room for fear she will try to wake Rick up again. I just hope I can stay awake long enough until he gets up for the day. Then I can go crash.

So, I guess an update is in order. Things didn't go as planned loading the book last night. Issues with the PDF format for the paperback. We did, however, get the manuscript in the correct order and the new cover to the epub formatting. We tried to download several different PDF formats besides the one I have with word, but each one kept adding an extra page. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it changes all the headers and the indents for the book. So, needless to say, we are at a loss for words. We just can't understand why it keeps adding this blank page. It worked before, but now with everything in the correct order and with it all properly set up, it refuses to not be the same as the manuscript.

So if anyone knows how to fix this, please fill me in. I am really ready to lose my mind. Thanks to any of you that have suggestions.

Well, maybe I will go watch a movie on TV. Have a great week everyone! And, don't forget to leave me a comment, i love getting them!

Love, Lisa

Friday, May 3, 2013

Will I Look Back And Laugh

I think we are finally on the last stretch of launching the book. I believe all the "bugs" are out and we can hopefully look back at this as a learning experience. One that, to put in better terms, we will remember all the screw-ups and mistakes and the next book will launch smoother. We had, I think, every kind of issue you could possibly think of with trying to launch for the first time. From mis-spellings, to font copyrights, to formatting. I pray that we can finally say soon "The book is on Amazon".

Although we had a hard time, I think we will look back on this as a typical first time self-publishing onset. This Saturday, for the third time, Mikey will be over and we will load the fixes to my computer and proceed accordingly. We do have to wait to receive the proof book in the mail before we load onto Amazon, but other than that, it won't be long now.

I'm sure there are writers on here that have gone through this and can only laugh at our blunders and reminisce to the first time they did this, but I will warn those of you that are not at this point yet, it's not as easy as it looks.  

I have been blessed with good friends, whom I might add

I met on line, that have helped tremendously and I am so thankful that all the mistakes were caught before we jumped onto Amazon. We would have had to pull the book several times before we got it right. So, thanks to you, you know who you are! 

Now I am setting up our first blog tour. Again, a new novas in my life, but it is moving along. I have 5 people so far that are willing to participate and I am hoping for at least 3 more. I will get back to all of you on that. 

And then there's the novella, which I will say, is moving right along. We revised chapter 7, which is a critical one, and have now began chapter 8. My sister, Toni, and I, sat down the other day and came up with so many wonderful ideas for the books, so I am really excited to see them all come into fruition. 

What an amazing journey this is! I feel so privileged to write with my sister and to have met such awesome people along this path to becoming an author.   Being a writer is usually a closed off art. You're typically all alone with your computer and thoughts, but having Toni along truly livens up the process and makes it so worthwhile. 

Thanks to all of you who have put up with me through this long process and to those of you who look forward to the book. I hope you decide to continue the journey with us by reading the books to come and visiting my blog and our fanpage in the future. Things will change once the book is published. We can then concentrate on other things like contests, and giveaways, and hopefully more guest-spots. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for us that all runs smoothly this Saturday. I am ready to see the book on line! See you next week!

Love, Lisa