Friday, May 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Lots going on in the last few days. So much so that I am ready to go on a vacation, a relaxing one by the hot springs pool. We do have one planned in June, and I can't wait!

Well, the book is up on Amazon, still separated mind you, but they claim to get that fixed in the next few days. I am looking forward to that so I can keep track of rankings easier. It does feel good though, so good that I am beside myself sometimes! 

What an amazing feeling it is to see your book for sale, and not to mention it, sales of your book. It is so surreal! 

I'm sure some of you heard about me crying when I received the 'proof' book in the mail. Yes, I bawled, happy tears mind you, but I could not get over holding my own book in my hands! What a wonderful feeling! 

Tonight we are having a family and close friends get together to celebrate and I just found out it's my cover artist's birthday today, too, so we will have a great time!

The launch party is being set up as we speak, and I have been working on the blog tour. So far, I have 5 blogs to appear on. I am hoping for a few more, but we will see what happens. I will announce those probably next week since I am still figuring out a few dates. 

I'm sure you are probably tired of my going on about the launching of the book, but it is very exciting and I can't wait for some of my writer friends to launch themselves so we can celebrate their new arrivals on Amazon. I believe it is a great achievement and one not easily obtained. Even if you self-publish there is a lot of work involved, but don't let that scare you, it will all come together. There are those of us who have now gone through it and are willing to help. 

In the mean time, I thought I would post an excerpt from our book Fable in the hope that you will want to read more! I look forward to hearing people's thoughts after reading the book, too, so please leave me a comment anytime you finish it, on any blog post. I want to hear your feedback. So, anyway, here's a little taste of Fable - Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy. Enjoy and have a great weekend every one!!

No longer in her room, Stevie stood in front of a pristine lake. Trees dotted the landscape and snow-capped mountains created a backdrop to the valley. The smells had changed from the warming springtime of Golden to a crisp fall air filled with the scent of evergreens and earth. She looked at the crystal blue sky above her—awed at seeing the sun in place of the moon.
Sensing a presence, she turned her head to the right. Not ten feet from her, a man stood on the lowest branch of a ponderosa pine. His steely blue eyes, long raven-colored hair, and the way he smiled caught her breath. She blinked once and he was gone.
No. Wait, now he was in the tree to her left. He leaned back against the trunk long enough for her to get a clear view of his archaic clothing—dark breeches, deep brown leather vest over a rough-spun shirt, and fitted knee-high boots of some sort of animal skin. A two-inch pendant of blue lace agate, encircled in silver thread, hung about his neck and the sunlight glinted on the sword hilt peeking out from behind his right shoulder. Then he disappeared again.
Enjoying the game, Stevie glanced this way and that, trying to guess where he would reappear next. When the familiar dimming occurred, Stevie fought to stay in the vision, but it was useless. She found herself back at the window sill.
What happened? Who was that? Stevie sucked in short bursts of air as she leapt from her bed to turn on the lamp. With her room awash in light, she paced back and forth, struggling to remember the details of the waking vision. Glimpses of a lake, pines, mountains—and that perfect, sensual smile—came to mind. If she was to have any hope of recalling the full memory of him, she would need to calm her mind.

I would love to get comments  so feel free to tell me what you think!

Love, Lisa


  1. I didn't see a single missed edit! (Not that there were really that many errors to begin with.)

    Hurray! :)

  2. Thanks Susan! I hope you got a copy for sentimental reasons if anything lol!

  3. How great Lisa, thumbs up for your holiday...well deserved. looking forward to reading your novel. If you friend me on facebook, Susan Baury Rouchard, you can view my 5 days in Barcelona help you wait for your hot springs pool ! have a nice day. Still wet here in Toulouse, sun in my soul though.