Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Tour, Launch Party, and a Sigh of Relief

It was so nice having Shay West on the blog this last week! I want to thank her for her answers to your comments and can't wait to get started on her series! and Thanks to all of you who left comments. It's not fun to have a guest and no one participates, so kudos to my blog friends!

Well, now I am on a blog tour myself. Right now I am on two different blogs, Johnny's at here and Lizzie's at here

I met Johnny Velazquez PHD in my linkedIn groups. He's a great guy and was very excited about having a guest for the first time on his blog. If you get a chance pop on over and leave a comment!

Lizzie, as you know, was the person who got my started down this writing road and she deserves a lot of credit from me. She never gave up on me! She writes erotica romance, and her books, even though sizzling, are a fun read. If you want to pop over to her blog, I would love to see you there, too!

Next week I am on Shay's blog on Wednesday, my friend Lee's blog on Friday, and an new friend and fellow writer, Chris Hill's blog on Saturday. I will leave the links below, if you feel like doing some blog hopping next week.

Just a little history about Chris's book, The Song of The Sea God. I recently read his book, and I have to say it was excellent. His writing is amazing, very detailed characters, and the story has a twist. The ending is not what I expected and I did write him a review and gave him 5 stars. If you want to read something different, something you do not expect, then give his book a try. 

Shay West:Wednesday
Lee Jackson:Friday
Chris Hill:Saturday

Now, onto my launch party this weekend. I'm very excited about it! My critique partner and friend, Robin, is throwing me the party and I think she's just as excited as I am! I do have to read a excerpt from the book, (I have stage fright) so that should prove to be interesting. I am nervous about it, but I hope to get over it. As long as I'm sitting, I should be okay. My sister, Toni, is reading one, too. I'm sure she will be much better at it.

Mike will be there showing off some of his art, and afterwards I have to corner him about the art for the novella coming up next. Fated - A Chronicle of Djenrye, should be out this fall, and he needs to get moving on the cover.

The novella is coming along great. We just finished chapter 8, and there should only be 5 or 6 chapters left. It is turning out to be a great book. I am looking forward to contacting my beta readers for this one. 

It's nice to know things will be calming down soon. Just need to finish my blog tour, and party, then I can relax for a bit.

We are heading to Buena Vista on the 14th of June and I need it! I can't wait to soak in the soothing waters and do some hiking and spend some quality time with my family. We are renting a house there and 10 of us are going up, including my grandkids. It should be fun. I am sooo looking forward to it.

Do you have any fun plans coming up this summer? We bought a pop-up camper, too and plan to get in some camping, fishing and lots of melted marshmallows this summer. My husband already has it all packed and now we are waiting for warmer weather. It has been a cool, wet, spring so far.

I'm not complaining though, we need the water. I'm sure there will be plenty of time to camp.

I hope to see some of you on the other blogs for my tour the next few weeks. And, thanks to all of you that have purchased Fable. I hope you enjoy it and come back for more because Fated will be out soon. Also, I hope to see some of you t

omorrow at our launch party. There will be goodies, good coffee, since it's at a coffee shop, Bean Fosters, and lots of good company!

Thanks for everyone's support, Lisa


  1. Good luck with your launch Lisa and I'm looking forward to having you as a guest on my blog next week!

  2. And I am looking forward to being on your blog! I hope we can make it fun!

  3. Lisa,

    You'll do fine with your book launch party. If you're that nervous, look over the people's heads as you look at the group and that may help. I hate public speaking also. I got a little used to it at my writing group in CA because every week we had to read something to the group (about 20 people). At first, I was a nervous wreck. It eventually got easier. I hope lots of people show up.

    Looking forward to having you on my site on the 9th.