Friday, May 3, 2013

Will I Look Back And Laugh

I think we are finally on the last stretch of launching the book. I believe all the "bugs" are out and we can hopefully look back at this as a learning experience. One that, to put in better terms, we will remember all the screw-ups and mistakes and the next book will launch smoother. We had, I think, every kind of issue you could possibly think of with trying to launch for the first time. From mis-spellings, to font copyrights, to formatting. I pray that we can finally say soon "The book is on Amazon".

Although we had a hard time, I think we will look back on this as a typical first time self-publishing onset. This Saturday, for the third time, Mikey will be over and we will load the fixes to my computer and proceed accordingly. We do have to wait to receive the proof book in the mail before we load onto Amazon, but other than that, it won't be long now.

I'm sure there are writers on here that have gone through this and can only laugh at our blunders and reminisce to the first time they did this, but I will warn those of you that are not at this point yet, it's not as easy as it looks.  

I have been blessed with good friends, whom I might add

I met on line, that have helped tremendously and I am so thankful that all the mistakes were caught before we jumped onto Amazon. We would have had to pull the book several times before we got it right. So, thanks to you, you know who you are! 

Now I am setting up our first blog tour. Again, a new novas in my life, but it is moving along. I have 5 people so far that are willing to participate and I am hoping for at least 3 more. I will get back to all of you on that. 

And then there's the novella, which I will say, is moving right along. We revised chapter 7, which is a critical one, and have now began chapter 8. My sister, Toni, and I, sat down the other day and came up with so many wonderful ideas for the books, so I am really excited to see them all come into fruition. 

What an amazing journey this is! I feel so privileged to write with my sister and to have met such awesome people along this path to becoming an author.   Being a writer is usually a closed off art. You're typically all alone with your computer and thoughts, but having Toni along truly livens up the process and makes it so worthwhile. 

Thanks to all of you who have put up with me through this long process and to those of you who look forward to the book. I hope you decide to continue the journey with us by reading the books to come and visiting my blog and our fanpage in the future. Things will change once the book is published. We can then concentrate on other things like contests, and giveaways, and hopefully more guest-spots. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for us that all runs smoothly this Saturday. I am ready to see the book on line! See you next week!

Love, Lisa


  1. I'll keep things brief today since my to do list is a mile long. I almost wish you posted three times a week, since I almost invariably have something to say, highly opinionated that I am.

    I find people who can work together on a single book to be very interesting. I've done collaboration like that in the past and I just can't compromise with another person about changes they want to make from my vision. Probably something about being an overly obsessive control freak. I dunno.

    I just wanted to say more power to you because you can. =)

    If you run into any problems with the formatting, let me know. I promised Ryan V I'd do up a document on how to format a book for print using a word processor, and while I don't intend to cover word processor specifics (I'll be speaking in generalities covered by most typical word processors), it might still come in handy.

    1. Yes, this is a short comment for you. Thanks, but the way my sister and I work well together is I write the story and she helps to clean it up. We do bounce ideas off each other and have implemented them in the books. It's worked great for us so far! I'm glad to hear you are writing a document on how to self-pub! I am sure it will help a lot of people. I will be in touch if we run into any more problems. Thanks for all you have done!

  2. Lisa,

    I'm so glad to have been on your journey with you and I will continue to be there with and for you. So glad that Janet Roots introduced us.

    I cannot wait to hold your book in my hands.

    Love you, -Robin

    1. That makes two of us. But we were not able to format the paperback tonight. Problems, again, with the PDF!