Friday, June 7, 2013

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Yes, I am famous for it, volunteering and then finding myself needing help from someone else. I have taken on two different contests through the group I belong to, Hearts of Denver Romance Writers. 

Why that group, you ask? Well, my friend and colleague  Lizzie T Leaf, has always been a big support for me and asked me to join her group of writers. They are an extension of the Romance Writers of America, a huge organization for all genres in writing. It's not all romance, mind you, there are all types of writers in our group. And, believe it or not, there are also men writers in our group as well. 

But getting back to the volunteering. Our group has two big contests each year, The Aspen Gold, for published authors, and the Molly, for new manuscripts. I am involved in both this time around.

Last year I was a judge for the Aspen Gold. All I had to do was read three books and score them according to their books individually, and then the one I liked the best between the three. Sounds easy, right?! It was.

Now this year, I am a judge again for the Aspen Gold, but this time I am also involved with the Molly. This one is the hard part. But after help from my husband, my sister, and putting in a call to the president of our group, Kathy, I managed to figure out what she needed me to do.

I had to upload a drop box, open the paranormal file, (the one I am responsible for) and attach a score file to each one. Then I had to make two different files of each entry, and wait for the list of judges to email them theirs. Sounds easy right?! Wrong!

I knew how to do most of it, but the way it was described to me was a harder way of doing this and the drop box is a pain because I didn't know how to attach into an email from it. I ended up, after getting everything set up, accidentally copying every file and then I couldn't delete them. On top of that, they were now all out of order.

Thanks to my sister, and her knowledge around a computer, I now have all the copies deleted, the files are all in one folder, and it is in my documents so I can attach to each judge and send them out.

Next, the list of judges. I received that last night, along with another book of instructions, (well, it sure seems like a book) and I am once again confused. This is the next issue I will tackle this morning and hopefully figure out so these judges get their entries in time to get their score cards back by the official date. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

Okay, this too shall pass, but I will remember when this subject comes up again next year and tell myself to not bite off more than I can chew!

So onto the blog tour now! I am a guest on Lee's blog this morning! A fun and involved blog. I actually had 6 comments to answer first thing! If you get a moment, stop by and leave a comment! You will be eligible for the drawing of a free copy of Fable and the Starbucks gift card, so it's worth the time and trouble. 

I hope I see some of you there, and there is always this blog you can leave a comment on and I will answer you back as well.

Today is Lee's:here
Tomorrow is Chris': here
Sunday is Sunni's:here

Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Lisa


  1. Sorry you're still struggling with that drop box. Hope it's sorted now.

    I love the picture of you, Toni, and Mike. That's the one you should use in the next book. :)

  2. That's a good idea! And I finally got all the entries sent out tonight! I hope everything is right!