Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feet Planted Now

Finally, I can get back to normal. Blog tour is pretty much over, launch party, although a great success, is in the past, and we hit the 100 book sales mark, I am pleased that everything went off pretty well! 

We had a great weekend together relaxing at the Cottonwood Inn. Lots of hot springs, good conversation, and plenty of good food! Now my feet can touch the ground again and I can focus more on Fated, the novella we are writing.

I hope you got the chance to read the excerpt I posted last Friday. I think those of you who enjoyed Fable, will love it! And if you liked Fable, don't forget to tell others. We would love to see this series gaining popularity. Although, I'm sure most writers would love to see their work popular, but so far, I have heard nothing but good comments.

We have 7 awesome reviews on Amazon and hope that as people read the book they leave one on there. We get points and promotion slots with Amazon the more our readers engage. So don't forget to leave your comments!

Now, moving on. The novella, Fated, is past the half-way mark. Toni and I will have it ready on time for the fall. We meet with Mikey this Sunday to work on the cover and I'm hoping he can meet our deadline, he's a busy boy these days.

Although Fated isn't a big novel, it will be filled with action and more about the world, Djenrye. I think you will enjoy it. The second novel, Lore, will be out next year, I am hoping by spring, we'll see. It is a longer story than Fable. We will try though! Thanks for the support from those of you who have put up with us this past year and for purchasing the book! 

Now to announce my next post on Friday. I am having Chris Hill as my guest. He has a great book out - Song of the Sea God - a fantastic read if you get the chance. I hope you give him a warm welcome and leave comments for him to answer back. He is quite the writer! 

So back to writing today. I look forward to Friday's post and hope to hear from my blog followers! Thanks for everything!

Love, Lisa

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