Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's Up With You?

Ahh...the dilemma, what to blog about today. Book reviews? Talk about creative writing? My new work in progress, Fated? This is the life of a blogger/writer. 

When you are a writer who is at home full time, not many interesting things happen in your life. You have the day to day hum drum of sitting in front of your computer, either writing or promoting, or my personal favorite, what chores you need to catch up on.

There's always, cleaning, groceries, errands, and laundry, to keep your life in some semblance of order, or back to the computer. I can check to see if there's any new comments on the fanpage or blog, but really I can see those on my smart phone.

I read articles written by other bloggers, or in the news. I can read a book, which I often do. I can watch a movie if my eyes are now blurry from staring at the monitor or my phone for hours, or, of course, take a nap.

That is my exciting day. 

I do try to plan outings a few times a week with a friend or my grandchildren, but I have a car without air-conditioning and black interior so the day outside is short lived. There really isn't much going on to stimulate a new blog post.

I do love writing, it's the social media stuff that drives me crazy. I read about the do's and don't's of blogging, and to be quite honest it can be disheartening sometimes.

Don't promote your book!

Isn't that why I'm here? True, I want to get to know my followers and what's new in their lives, but they need to join in. So my friends, what's happening in your world? Tell me about the dog, or your kids. Tell me how your spouse is driving you nuts, or your car trouble. I'm here to listen and chime in when appropriate. I'm all ears.

I get ideas for writing by stimulation, and since I don't have much of an exciting life, help a friend out here and give me stories about your world. I know Facebook can be boring sometimes, and people aren't into blogs, so let's have a conversation. I'm here to be your shoulder, your confidant. 

Fill me in.

Love, Lisa


  1. I sympathize with you, Lisa, because I also lead a calm, drama-free, but mostly humdrum life. :) The most interesting thing happening to me - aside from the vacuuming and the dishes that need to be done - is that I took my 14-year-old dog to the vet yesterday only to find out he has allergies. And right now I'm sitting in McDonalds for the free Wifi, but also eating too many chocolate chip cookies. I wish I had something fabulously interesting and intriguing to tell you!

    And regarding "don't promote", I think the essential word you're missing is "over". As in, "don't over promote". (And I really should double-check that to see if it's hyphenated or one word, but I'll let it go this time!) Unfortunately the other side of writing a book is trying to sell that book, and so a certain amount of promotion is necessary! :)

    I hope somebody else has something interesting to report so it will stimulate your imagination.

    1. HaHa! You crack me up Susan! One of the many reasons I love you! Do you think I over promote? Just asking. I want to make sure I'm not driving people crazy with "Buy my book!" LOL! I can also understand the too much cookies and searching for the wifi places. It's good to know the McDonalds is a place to get it lol! I'm always searching at Starbucks, but they don't have the yummy fries there!

  2. I second on the rather humdrum life. Though, there was the flooding that hit Calgary and neighbouring cities/towns that reside by the flooded river system, all care of some massive rainfall we experienced plus the even more disastrous rainfall that occurred upstream in the mountains. One friend of mine is now homeless, thanks to her building having been condemned due to the damage. Another couldn't find much of anything salvageable in the mess that was her home. Those are the only two I've heard from. I hope there aren't any others who were in the evacuation zones.

    A co-worker's boyfriend does work site cleanup. Needless to say he's rather busy right now, not so much from work sites, but from the flooding. But thanks to him, I've heard that a number of buildings were taken off their foundations and so need to be demolished.

    I also recall seeing a video clip of the river carrying a tree away after uprooting it. It wasn't a tiny tree, either. It was a fairly large, full-grown tree with a substantial root system.

    The flood is amazing. Terrible, but amazing. It won't go forgotten.

    So what's up with me? Ever-thankful I have no riverside property.

    Thanks to illness earlier this month, which finally seems to be clearing up, I had to push back the release of my first print book. It's hard to do much of any work when you're in a bad state, no?

    I'm printing up some proofs at work today so I can decide which font to use for my body copy. They look so different in print than on screen, it's truly amazing. Knowing what it will look like in print will help infinitely. Then I'll do up the interior tonight and get it on CreateSpace.

    I should have a print proof next week, which I will read through to make sure there are no formatting snafus. With any luck, it will be on sale sometime in July (so much for June, as I originally planned). Between now and then, I hope to launch the Guide. I've got the lengthy intro done, as well as parts of Word Processing 101 (and part of 102, which is more the guide of actually DOING the things I mention in 101).

    Book Design 101 is a seed in my head, but I feel I need to cover it before showing people how to do layout. I'll eventually have Book Design 201 through 204, which will cover, respectively, Book Design using MS Word, LibreOffice/OpenOffice, and InDesign (which will be split over 2, because there's a lot there). Screenshots aplenty. That will take a good long while to put together.

    I have to do Cover Design at some point to, and I have a horrible feeling I'll end up having to give a lesson on Typography in general, too. It's going to be a massive guide, but will probably translate quite nicely to a non-fiction offering.

    And now it's time for work.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you don't live on the river, Ryan. I don't want to lose my friend! I'm sorry to hear about your friends though. I hope the water recedes soon so all of your lives can get back to normal. It's true we have the wildfires here, but they're up in the Mountains. A few years back we had one in the foothills, a couple of blocks from where I live, but they had it out the next day. It's not fun going through mother natures wrath!

      I'm also glad to hear that your book will be coming out soon! I will get a copy and check it out. Knowing you, it will be good!

    2. And of course I completely forgot to mention, in all of that, that I have two novellas to finish as well, hopefully by the middle of July, though more likely the end of July to early August for the second novella.

      Yeah, I was lucky. Now thanks to this, I will never even think of buying up property within a mile or two of rivers.

  3. For some reason it wouldn't let me reply to your comment directly, Lisa, but no, I certainly do NOT think you over promote! :)

    Yeah, McD's is good for WiFi... if you go on off hours and make sure you buy something and don't take up a huge table just for yourself, they don't seem likely to kick you out or anything. But if you're there during a busy time and being annoying, they might ask you to leave. Ha ha!

  4. Haha, I was there yesterday and immediately thought of you and tried my smart phone, and guess what?! I had Wifi! We had taken my granddaughter there to play. It's good to know you can find it when you need it lol!